The Moving is done…

I think. Dreamhost seems a little slow with the wordpress, no? I’m not sure what’s going on. But I know that I haven’t had any CPU errors or what not yet.

So what’s been going on, eh?

Well Monday, Constantine came over and I cooked him dinner and then we watched Aviator. It was a good night hanging out with him. Apparently at some point in the middle of the night though I started randomly Jacking off. I don’t recall this at all.

Tues I worked and then went to the gym with Mok. There was a gorgeous guy there. Yum! He kept staring at Mok and I while we were doing pushups and situps. I was in lots of pain after that. And still a little bit of pain today.

Wed I was in an hour and a half meeting with the CEO and VP in which they were literally screaming at each other over the positioning of an icon in a new user interface I’m working on. That was a bit scary. That night Constantine came over and we went to Casa Arigato again. The service there just keeps getting worse and worse. It was horrible and so slow! Anyways we still had a great time. The couple next to us was hard core all over each other. After dinner we headed down to the pier to a concert thing and then wondered around the pier for a while. Got back to my place and Sirin came over with a bottle of wine and we hung out for an hour.

This is a really interesting map about the homicides in LA. LA Homicide Map. Kinda crazy. I wish that it showed them ALL on one page though instead of just 25 or so.

I also found this page the other day: How far can you go?. It tells you the cost per mile for all kinds of different cars. I’m a little annoyed though that it doesn’t have more car options. But according to this it only costs like 12 cents per mile for an IS250. Which is about what I pay now for my Saturn, so something is wrong I feel!

I installed iLife ’08 onto my laptop which was exciting as well.

But the best news, always saved for last is that Constantine and I are official now. 🙂

A painful 4th…

Ok. Well an update about the accident. I’m fine. Yes, I’ve been in TONS of pain. But it could have been a lot worse.

Tuesday night, I hung out with Mok for the evening we watched movies (Avaliable Men) and talked about our injuries. Getting into bed that night was very interesting. It took about 10 minutes just to lay down and get my legs up into bed. It hurt so much to try and move my hip/knee at all, so I basically had to sit in bed and then pull my leg up into bed and then slowly inch it over so that I was in bed. Of course, I also couldn’t sleep on my side like normal so it was a very interesting night. I took all my pillows in the house and made a nice little wall around me so I couldn’t move.

The next day I was able to walk at least, but with lots of pain. I got up about 9 and laid around my house for awhile. Did a little cleaning and even managed to make it to Target for shopping. The whole time though I was leaning on my cart for support. I went there because the cats were completely out of cat food and litter. I had to get a store employee to help me lift them into my cart! lol. God I felt so old! I got home and had to then unload them by myself. Boy was that ever painful!

Constantine came over about 2:30 and we went out to see a Evan Almighty. These two old ladies sat down next to us and then smelled of smoke soo bad. It was really gross. But the movie was great. The funny part was that this old lady was actually faster at getting down the stairs then I was at the end! And she had a cane! lol.

We went back to my place after that and just hung out there talking and what not. I felt really bad because I had promised him hiking and then going to the pier for a concert and then fireworks. But we couldn’t do any of that stuff! I’ll have to make it up to him soon. We did make it to the beach for fireworks. So that was good.

He left about 11 and I went to bed with the full intention of going to work the next morning. Well I woke up at 5 and basically couldn’t move my left leg at all. I laid in bed trying to get up for about 30 minutes. Eventually made it to the computer and sent the boss an email saying I wouldn’t be in. I laid on the couch and started working. By about 10 or so I was able to get up and walk around at least, so that was good.

Last night Mok came over again and we finished the movies from Tuesday night. This one was called 29th & Gay. Very strange movie.

This morning I am feeling a million times better. I’m able to get up and move around and the bruising is mostly gone. It still hurts to move my leg in certain ways and after sitting for a while it’s painful to stand up. I still can’t put any weight on my left arm either.

I just can’t wait to get back out there on the road!

Yearly Review


My Site was hacked on Sunday at 12:11pm and the compromised continued until 7:00am this morning (6/25/2007) when my hosting provider was able to finally remove the infected code from the site. I realized there was an issue at 8:30pm Sunday night and uploaded some new code which should have stopped the infected code from being executed on my visitors computers. If you visisted the site between 6/24 and 6/25 PLEASE run a virus scanner (Link to free online virus scanner)to be sure you are not infected!!!! You can read about the issue here or watch a video about it here.

End Warning





So Friday I had my yearly review at the office. Usually something has been going on at this point in the year and I just happened to get a raise anyways. But this year nothing was really going on so I brought it up to the boss. It ended up being pretty good. We got to talk about what happened with the client’s office closing and where things were going. I got some really good feed back as well. In the end I got a 7% raise which is nice. We also talked about the possibility of me moving to London still. Apparently two of the people there want to come back. However, it’s a REALLY long shot. So I’m not going to get my hopes up for it. But I’ll still be hoping it does happen.

Friday night I went out with Nick and Dustin to a concert in Laguna. This guy Trevor Hall. He was very good and oh so hot! You should all go check out some of his music. I bought his album on iTunes this morning. And he’s also in the Shrek The Third movie.

While we were there I tried this really good new desert called spanakopita. It was so good. I’m going to have to make myself some. Left there about 10 and went home. I got home and my neighbor was just getting home as well and we were outside talking for MAYBE 5 minutes, and we weren’t being very loud either when some bitch up stairs came out and said. “Can you keep it down, I’m trying to sleep” all bitchy! UGH! I wish I knew who it was. We think it was one of the girlfriends of the guy upstairs.

Saturday I slept in late and then went to brunch with the neighbor and Erick. There’s a crazy street fair going on here, so we hung out at that for a while as well. Erick and I found these CUTE ass gifts that we each got for the little people in our lives. Keira’s B-day isn’t till August, but I’m going to send it to her this week because you need it for summer! OMG! It’s soo cute, I wish I could tell you all about it! After that Erick and I hit the beach for an hour.

Mac or PC, found this the other day. HILARIOUS!

Sunday I was going to get up at 7 and bike up to Santa Monica to meet Team 100 then ride back to Hermosa for brunch. I went to bed at 9 Saturday night and when 7 rolled around I was just still way too tired. Ugh! I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I’ve been sooooooo tired! So I just lounged around the house for most of the day. That afternoon I drove up to Santa Monica to meet up with Charles Phoenix. We were talking and I mentioned this amazing 1961 Ford F-100 Stepside Shortbed that is for sale at a dealer down the street form me. He got me all excited about it and said that I should really stop and check it out. So on my way home I did They want $20,000 for it! NADA says that the high retail value is about $16k. It would be interesting to see how much they actually get for this truck. It’s not even a very good restoration job either (The seams are not even at ALL, you can see where they just painted over the rust, etc). I found another one on CL that’s only $9,000 but who knows how much work it would need. I would _love_ to have one of these things though!

After CP I met up with this guy Aurthur from the valley. We hung out for like 3 hours. He brought his HUGE dog which has to weight almost as much as he does. That was fun times though.

So that was my weekend. Adios!


BuzzWords to love. Very funny site.

Eh. Week is going. I’m still really upset about the whole issues with Mayko. I was really hoping that through all this we could at least be friends. I just can’t get over that he would just throw away our friendship like this. Just really hurts, as per usual. Also have you noticed that shortly after I say something like. “If I’m still talking to so and so in X month we’ll do Y”.. And then I stop talking to that person. Ugh.

I’ve added a few new pages to the site.. Just some random strange things.

1) Baby Names – A page for me to put names that I come across and really like. Kinda small at this point, but it’ll grow!

2) CjB For President! – A page for me to bitch about policies, etc. It’s still empty.

3) Rules for Dating me. – This is a page for people to read if they are interested in dating me. Tips and lists of things I like/don’t like. I think it’ll save some time…. lol

Monday work was good. I got another good project to do. But I spent most of the day re-learning Coldfusion!

Tuesday I went to the SM office and the fucking DSL was down. I bitch to the HD at 8am as soon as they got there and they started working on it. It still wasn’t up at 10. I had now wasted half my day, so I went home. As soon as I walked in my door I got a call. “The DSL is back up!”. Of course it is!

So I worked from home and did some random stuff. I chatted with this really cute guy named Matthew (the guy who runs GGB) and he told me about this concert tuesday night, it sounded really cool. But the group ended up going out to Beige. Jason, Ben and I. We had a really good time. Mayko was there. I felt so awk and horrible just ignoring him like that. I really wanted to go up and at least say ‘Hi’ or be nice. I dunno what to do. I mean now I’m sure I’ll be seeing him out wherever I go. I avoided eye contact the whole night with him and just enjoyed hanging out with the two boys. But Jason said everytime he looked in that direction Mayko and the guy he was with were looking at us and apparently at one point he was standing right behind me for like 10 minutes. I also really wish I could know what he was saying to the guy he was with. Because the group said he kept looking at us and then leaning in and talking to the guy he was with.. blah blah blah. You know it?

I really just want to talk to him and make things better. I started writing a letter to him yesterday afternoon. I know I shouldn’t send it, but I just can’t write people off. It’s so hard for me. I have to have people like me, my psychologist said I need to work on that, but I just don’t know how! lol.

I just don’t get it. I did NOTHING to hurt him and I’m sure you can generally tell from my writings here that I cared about him very much and would never purposly do anything to hurt him. I just feel like shit about the whole situation and what not.

Either way, the night as a whole was lots of fun. We chatted, we laughed, we shared stories. Good times. Picking up Ben and dropping him off was a mess though. His exit was closed and the area he lives in is so confusing to drive, etc. And then I had to get gas and the only place we could find was an Arco that kept declining my Credit card, ugh! It was a mess… Got home about 2ish and tried to crash, but I was just going over the whole Mayko situation and getting upset about it. Got up at 5am this morning and came into work for my 6am meeting with the CEO. I’ve got another good project from him that I’m working on. Currently taking a break and trying to think of a way to display the data.

As for Ben… He’s really cute, very nice, all the standard stuff so far. I mean I’ve only known him what 2 weeks or something? But last night while we were out, he hardly said anything! I kept trying to talk to him and getting one line answers, etc. I’m going to bring it up tonight on our movie date and see what he has to say. Because I can’t deal with someone who’s so quiet. Cause if it’s not going to work I’d like to keep him as a friend.

Pop vs. Soda Debate… Check out this cool map:

Pop Vs Soda

And OMG! Check out Harry Potter! Who wants to fly to London to see this!?!??!

Harry Potter Naked!

Harry Potter Naked!

This weekend I’m potentially flying up to Santa Barbara, grabbing lunch and then flying back. It should be tons of fun, and I’m really hoping it comes through. I’m not sure if I mentioned it or not, but Carlito randomly txted me last week saying he wanted to go flying with me. That boy is so crazy. So I have to call him today to find out if he’s still up for it. I sure hope so. If not, perhaps Jason and I can just go on our own or something.

Ok. I have to get back to work. Later!

Last update before Berlin!!

Well this will be my last update before I head off to Berlin, and I have lots of random stuff!

First… Do we really need to see the old KFC Logo from space?!

Second, Rush Limbaugh is an idiot.. For anyone who didn’t already know. I was listening to his show this morning on my 10/mph commute. Very annoying!

Thrid: How about an Astro-Weenie Christmas Tree…

Oh my… Charles is one interesting person! I’m glad that I got hooked up with his outfit! 🙂 And what’s better then a SPAM cake? Well a Cheese Whiz cake, naturally. Check out this hilarious interview with Charles!

Fourth: What have these people done to these poor BMW’s. The first one on page 18 is very entertaining.

Fifth, my phone here at the office hasn’t worked all week!

Last night B-Ri came over and I showed him where everything is. He’s very excited that I have lots of Alchohol in the freezer for him to drink. I warned the neighbors! After that I did a qiuck 15 mile bike ride, and then make sugar cookies. They are ok, but not at all what they should be! I tried using the Splenda sugar substitue stuff, I think that’s the problem! Oh well. Who knew that a cup of sugar has so many calories in it!

I laid down to watch TV after that and fell asleep… I missed Gilmore Girls, and for some reason the MythBox fucked up! Damn Mythbackend going defunct! It does this randomly. Hopefully it won’t while I am away in Berlin!

The Fray is tonight! Yay! Although I’m a bit nervous about it. We’ll see how it goes!

[private] Honstely robert is really pissing me off lately. He sent me this e-mail the other day: “Whatever, Im not playing this he said who said game. And you believe a word I say to you anyways. If you needed my place why didnt you call then?”… To which I replied. “What the hell are you talking about”. He never replied. So today I relied again with “What the hell”. He said that if I wanted to use his place to hook up with straight boy why didn’t I call… I told him that I _might_ need to use his place. Whay does it fucking matter if I did or didn’t call! Ugh. He’s just such a fucking idiot. And what the hell does this mean about I don’t believe anything he says? Maybe if he didn’t say that EVERYONE tried to make out with him I would believe it when he says that someone DID try to make out with him! UGH! Seriously, someone will say “HI” to him and he’ll be like, “Did you see that, he tried to make out with me”. God! I really don’t want to see him at the concert tonight. [/private]

This morning, I went to the gym and then came into work. 10/mph the WHOLE WAY. Normally it takes me 30 minutes to get here.. Today 2 hours! I know. I’m sure you are all sick of me complaining about traffic, but I just cannot get over how people do this EVERY DAY! I could bike to work faster!

Tomorrow I have planned to meet up with Bryan, along with 8 million other things I have to do. I’m very nervous about this whole flying into Berlin on my own and then taking the U-Bahn on my own as well. Oh well, I’m sure it’ll be fine!

I’m also going to be sending out my donation letters tomorrow.. I have 750 names on the list currently. If they all just donated $10 that’d be amazing! But I know that probably 95% of them won’t donate. So hopefully the 5% that do donate put in like $100+!! I think I’m getting my hopes up. I’ve started carrying around letters too, and any that I see with a rainbow sticker I put one on thier cars!