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  • The Moving is done…

    I think. Dreamhost seems a little slow with the wordpress, no? I’m not sure what’s going on. But I know that I haven’t had any CPU errors or what not yet. So what’s been going on, eh? Well Monday, Constantine came over and I cooked him dinner and then we watched Aviator. It was a […]

  • A painful 4th…

    Ok. Well an update about the accident. I’m fine. Yes, I’ve been in TONS of pain. But it could have been a lot worse. Tuesday night, I hung out with Mok for the evening we watched movies (Avaliable Men) and talked about our injuries. Getting into bed that night was very interesting. It took about […]

  • Yearly Review

    WARNING! My Site was hacked on Sunday at 12:11pm and the compromised continued until 7:00am this morning (6/25/2007) when my hosting provider was able to finally remove the infected code from the site. I realized there was an issue at 8:30pm Sunday night and uploaded some new code which should have stopped the infected code […]

  • BzzWhack

    BuzzWords to love. Very funny site. Eh. Week is going. I’m still really upset about the whole issues with Mayko. I was really hoping that through all this we could at least be friends. I just can’t get over that he would just throw away our friendship like this. Just really hurts, as per usual. […]

  • Last update before Berlin!!

    Well this will be my last update before I head off to Berlin, and I have lots of random stuff! First… Do we really need to see the old KFC Logo from space?! Second, Rush Limbaugh is an idiot.. For anyone who didn’t already know. I was listening to his show this morning on my […]