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The Moving is done…

I think. Dreamhost seems a little slow with the wordpress, no? I’m not sure what’s going on. But I know that I haven’t had any CPU errors or what not yet.

So what’s been going on, eh?

Well Monday, Constantine came over and I cooked him dinner and then we watched Aviator. It was a good night hanging out with him. Apparently at some point in the middle of the night though I started randomly Jacking off. I don’t recall this at all.

Tues I worked and then went to the gym with Mok. There was a gorgeous guy there. Yum! He kept staring at Mok and I while we were doing pushups and situps. I was in lots of pain after that. And still a little bit of pain today.

Wed I was in an hour and a half meeting with the CEO and VP in which they were literally screaming at each other over the positioning of an icon in a new user interface I’m working on. That was a bit scary. That night Constantine came over and we went to Casa Arigato again. The service there just keeps getting worse and worse. It was horrible and so slow! Anyways we still had a great time. The couple next to us was hard core all over each other. After dinner we headed down to the pier to a concert thing and then wondered around the pier for a while. Got back to my place and Sirin came over with a bottle of wine and we hung out for an hour.

This is a really interesting map about the homicides in LA. LA Homicide Map. Kinda crazy. I wish that it showed them ALL on one page though instead of just 25 or so.

I also found this page the other day: How far can you go?. It tells you the cost per mile for all kinds of different cars. I’m a little annoyed though that it doesn’t have more car options. But according to this it only costs like 12 cents per mile for an IS250. Which is about what I pay now for my Saturn, so something is wrong I feel!

I installed iLife ’08 onto my laptop which was exciting as well.

But the best news, always saved for last is that Constantine and I are official now. 🙂

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Congratulations on the new man! I hope everything goes perfectly!!!

My WordPress has been normal speed on DreamHost (I’m sure you’re thinking, “He never uses it!”). I wonder if your server is having some heavy traffic or something. I suppose moving all of your stuff onto it would constitute that to start. DreamHost got rid of their strict CPU allocations a long time ago, which is great (not that I ever had a problem).


Lets hope so! haha.

Yeah, moving all the shit could be whats causing the slowness. Sorry to everyone else on my server! haha. I’m glad they don’t have CPU limitations. There’s not often when I _would_ have ran into them at bluehost. But just the fact that they were there and that I would have hit them at least once or twice a day would have been really annoying.

Do you have any issues with permalinks though? I never seem to have good luck with them! When I moved to bluehost from siteground they were still working fine, but of course now they stopped working again! I get “No Input specified” if I use the index.php way, if I just do normal I get a 404 error. 🙁

He’s cute! Firefox shrunk the picture down, but once I expanded it I was actually able to see his face.

Yea for Chris!

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