A painful 4th…

Ok. Well an update about the accident. I’m fine. Yes, I’ve been in TONS of pain. But it could have been a lot worse.

Tuesday night, I hung out with Mok for the evening we watched movies (Avaliable Men) and talked about our injuries. Getting into bed that night was very interesting. It took about 10 minutes just to lay down and get my legs up into bed. It hurt so much to try and move my hip/knee at all, so I basically had to sit in bed and then pull my leg up into bed and then slowly inch it over so that I was in bed. Of course, I also couldn’t sleep on my side like normal so it was a very interesting night. I took all my pillows in the house and made a nice little wall around me so I couldn’t move.

The next day I was able to walk at least, but with lots of pain. I got up about 9 and laid around my house for awhile. Did a little cleaning and even managed to make it to Target for shopping. The whole time though I was leaning on my cart for support. I went there because the cats were completely out of cat food and litter. I had to get a store employee to help me lift them into my cart! lol. God I felt so old! I got home and had to then unload them by myself. Boy was that ever painful!

Constantine came over about 2:30 and we went out to see a Evan Almighty. These two old ladies sat down next to us and then smelled of smoke soo bad. It was really gross. But the movie was great. The funny part was that this old lady was actually faster at getting down the stairs then I was at the end! And she had a cane! lol.

We went back to my place after that and just hung out there talking and what not. I felt really bad because I had promised him hiking and then going to the pier for a concert and then fireworks. But we couldn’t do any of that stuff! I’ll have to make it up to him soon. We did make it to the beach for fireworks. So that was good.

He left about 11 and I went to bed with the full intention of going to work the next morning. Well I woke up at 5 and basically couldn’t move my left leg at all. I laid in bed trying to get up for about 30 minutes. Eventually made it to the computer and sent the boss an email saying I wouldn’t be in. I laid on the couch and started working. By about 10 or so I was able to get up and walk around at least, so that was good.

Last night Mok came over again and we finished the movies from Tuesday night. This one was called 29th & Gay. Very strange movie.

This morning I am feeling a million times better. I’m able to get up and move around and the bruising is mostly gone. It still hurts to move my leg in certain ways and after sitting for a while it’s painful to stand up. I still can’t put any weight on my left arm either.

I just can’t wait to get back out there on the road!

3 thoughts on “A painful 4th…”

  1. I hope you get the chance to get a lot of rest this weekend. Glad the injuries weren’t even worse.

  2. Thanks. Yeah. I’ve canceled all my activities for the weekend. Which is kind of annoying because there was a good bike ride I was looking forward to going on!

    But yes, I too am very glad it wasn’t worse. This could have had the potential to be MUCH worse. If we had been a little earlier she would have hit us head on and potentially knocked us under her truck.

    Everyone here is saying that I should sue for a couple grand for pain and suffering. But I don’t really agree with that. I think that just getting her to pay for the damages to the bikes will be fine enough.

  3. glad to know that you are going to live! been wondering all day how you were doing.

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