My First Car vs Bike Accident

So. Today after work Mok and I went out on a quick spin around town. We were on our way back East on Aviation following a green Ford Ranger.

We were a good distance behind the truck… We go through a green light and all of a sudden the truck is turning right… RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!

The bitch is on her cell phone. Yammering away. Not paying attention. Mok slams into the bed of the truck…. I slam into Mok and then the truck. We both go flying across the ground.

The bitch stops… Doesn’t get out. Doesn’t do anything. And then keeps driving up to the station. Takes her time parking. STILL YAMMERING on her phone.

Mok gets up and walks over to her truck. I’m still in so much pain I’m laying in the street and traffic is backing up. He grabs the door and pulls it open and starts talking to her.

I finally manage to get up and the bitch is STILL ON HER PHONE! She refuses to get off. I go over there in a rage and start throwing around some nasty language and the bitch casually says “I’ll have to call you back”. At this point I’m in so much pain that I have to sit down. So I go over to the curb.

Mok walks back to the street to get his bike. As this point the bitch then drives off!

NOT ONCE did she ask if we were ok. Not ONCE did she get out of her truck.

She CLAIMS she didn’t hear us! HOW ON EARTH do you not hear TWO CYCLISTS SLAM into your truck? HOW ON EARTH!?

Dumb fucking bitch.

Mok’s bike is all fucked up. I’m in horrible pain. My ass is BRIGHT RED! (Yes, I took pics!)

We called the cops and they said that it’s not a hit and run because we didn’t _tell_ her we were injured! EXCUSE ME!? TWO CYCLISTS just ran into your truck, do you REALLY NEED TO BE TOLD that we need you to wait around!??!?!


They took a report and if she doesn’t co-operate they will file a hit-and-run investigation or something. So we’ll see what happens!

5 thoughts on “My First Car vs Bike Accident”

  1. what a stupid bitch. god these people blabbering away on their cell phones. hope the cops file a hit and run.

    so how are you doing? better i hope

  2. Wow. I hope you get well soon. Some people just need to admit that they can be unglued from their phones and that sometimes, on their phones that they really can’t operate a car. Bitches.

  3. I think I am ok. Just very stiff and lots of pain when I move. Thankfully my bike is ok. But Mok’s bike is all fucked. Hopefully it won’t be too much to replace his stuff.

  4. wtf? how were you riding at a ‘good distance’ behind someone and still hit them? Yes, YOU struck HER= your fault. Do you have brakes? A brain? Hell, I ride a fixed gear and I can still avoid shit like that……

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