America’s Healthcare!

Oh my. It’s been a busy weekend for a boy is who broken!

So Friday I went into the office and worked. No surprises there! I got a lot of stuff done, but still feel like I have way to much to get caught up on. I must start learning our new product and learn it fast.

After work I went out with Dustin. We ate at The Veggie Grill again and then went and saw Sicko. Such a good film. I think it’s the best Michael Moore film so far! I was crying at the end of it and just sooo pissed off. After the movie we were talking to one of Dustin’s friends about it and he mentioned starting like a credit union for healthcare. That’d be a pretty cool idea! I wonder what it would take to do? I just can’t believe that healthcare is so bad here in the US. It made me want to move to the EU even more. JT? When I can I move?

We also had ice cream and saw some really gay Irvine boys. What a mess.

Came home after that and talked to Constantine for a short while. We made plans to hang out Saturday.

So Saturday I get up and head up to Santa Monica to meet him. I was just going to park my car at the office up there and then we were going to go to The Huntington. Well I got to the office and went to park… “Card not found”! WTF! The bastards canceled my parking card! 🙁 So now I can’t go up there at all! I wonder if I can still get into the office itself.

Anyways, so we went to the Huntington and had a great time. Lots of pretty flowers and what not. But it was ungodly hot and sweaty. After that we came back to my place and showered (separately) and then hung out here and talked and watched movies. We saw this one called Fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain, Le. It was a very good movie. Although a little crazy and it had subtitles which we all know I hate! Apparently he says it’s famous? So if you haven’t seen it, go watch it!

Some random Asian guys came over about 8:30 and bought my camera off me. So Constantine and I went out to HTGrill to celebrate. Yay for getting money! 🙂

He left here about midnight and I went to bed. Got up Sunday at 8, laid down on the couch and then woke up again at noon! What’s wrong with me!!?

Sunday evening Dan came over and we hung out. We went to Good Stuff and then watched Romancing the Stone. I didn’t really like that movie very much.

Also, it took me three years, but my bed is NO LONGER sitting on the floor! How exciting is that!

I’ve also booked a camp site at San Simeon State Park for July 27-29. Let me know if you want to go. One of the days we will be going to Hearst Castle. Should be tons of fun. And the more people we get to go the better!!

I also found this hilarious convo on Oh you crazy religious people!

And lastly, check out this amazing coordinated dance thing:

If only marching band were more like that! 🙂

Of course pictures from the weekend can be found on the photodump. Hopefully I will soon be adding more once Constantine get’s me his from his professional camera! Also, be sure to check out the other new galleries. Which include pictures of my ass, and the trucks I looked at.

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