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  • PhotoDump

    Hey y’all. Well, I’ve been kinda sucking at updating my photodump site. MyPhoto wasn’t being updated any more, so I had to find a new solution. I came across WiPhA so I’m using that now. You can go check it out at my Photodump site. Just click to log in as a guest and then […]

  • All American Rejects!

    AAR Concert last night ROCKED! Sooooo much fun, even though I’m DEAD tired this morning. LARGE amounts of coffee shall be consumed today. Alex showed up at my office shortly after 5, we hung out there waiting for Robert. He got there, we drove over tot he Fair, even though we got lost. 🙁 The […]

  • Old Time Movies!

    So yesterday turned out pretty good. I went home shortly after noon.. I had worked 3 hours Tuesday night, and had more to do last night. Plus as I said, I was feeling pretty shitty. Got home and went to the gym and for some reason my key didn’t work, so I just went home […]

  • Geek To Me

    Blake sent this to me a while back… He said it reminded him of me.. I thought it was cute: How I learned to stop fretting and love a computer nerd I had been going out with him for about four days. It was summer, and we were lying on a blanket in the park, […]

  • Dreams

    Man… I had some REALLY fucked up dreams last night… I can only remember one of them. I was back in Alleman and was skydiving off the top of the TV towers there (If I remember right the new one is close to 5,000 feet tall?), Anyways the other one was really scary too and […]