Man… I had some REALLY fucked up dreams last night… I can only remember one of them. I was back in Alleman and was skydiving off the top of the TV towers there (If I remember right the new one is close to 5,000 feet tall?), Anyways the other one was really scary too and involved something about being chased in a car. lol.

I only got about 2-3 hours of sleep last night and now I’m at the office. I’m getting a 15″ powerbook today and selling me 12″. So I had to come in and get some parts that I left here, and I think it’s just best to meet the guy here to sell my powerbook. We’ll see.

The new one is a 15″ with a 1.33Ghz and 60Gig HD. I’m going to buy two new 512 Sticks for it so it’ll have 1.25Gigs RAM. 🙂 I’m excited, as most people know I’ve regretted getting the 12″ since I bought it. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but it’s just too small for me. I’ll be happy to have the extra real-estate.

That live FF symphony thing is in San Diego next Thrusday night. I REALLY want to go. Andrew and I were going to go to the one in Chicago, but never did… Mike already has Friday off, so I can’t take friday off and go, but I was thinking maybe I can go, and still make it back by say like 2am for work. The concert starts at 8 and it can’t be more then 2 or 3 hours.. So I figure as long as I’m out of there by 11, I can be back here by 2.. I just wish I had someone to go with me.. I know if Andrew were still here he’d force me to go.. They only have one more show after this and that’s in Michigan. However, Myke is going to give me the CD… Well, he’s going to upload it to my server.. Heaven forbid we hang out again so he can just give it to me. (He went and saw them in SF and said it was fantastic)

Umm, nothing much else going on. I’m kinda pissed though. I was supposed to go out with Stephen last night to see Fantastic 4, but he never called, so I got online about 9, and he was like… “Well, this other guy said he was going to go out with me, so I’m waiting for him”… Ended up this other guy ditched Stephen too, but then he was all bitching at me.. “I hate when people ditch me.” It’s like, HELLO! You fucking ditched me too, youhave no right to talk. Fucking annoying Californians.

I keep meaning to send Andrew something, but I always forget to get it in the mail… Hopefully I’ll get it send before the 11th so it can get to London in time. 🙂

Nothing must else going on in my life… I think next weekend I’m going to spend it shampooing my carpets and cleaning my apartment top to bottom. It’s been getting pretty dirty. I also have to do laundry. I’m down to only a few pairs of Undies left.

I’m so excited, in a month and 2 days I’ll be in Iowa! I can’t wait!


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