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Long night

So tonight’s going to be a really long time… For some reason I’m REALLY tired.

Umm, so yeah. Doesn’t look like I’m going to be getting that new compter I was all excited about… I had made plans to meet that guy at my office at 2… he called me at 11, and said he’d be like 10-20 minutes late. I was like, OK no problem… Well, 3:00 rolled around and he still wasn’t here. So I waited tell 3:30 and then just left. I’ve called him like 5 times since, and left messages each time. I’ve also sent like 2 e-mails. No replies. Fucking jack ass. You know, if you changed your mind about something, then at least let the person know about it. Grrr! Fucking jerk. I spent all that time backing up my shit and reformating my hard drive for nothing now. I’m so pissed about that. 🙁

Anyways, after that I went home and was bored so I started to drink about 5:30 or so… I only had like 2 glasses, which made me REALLY tired, so I slept tell like 2 or 3 AM. I had one really fucked up dream in which Susan was in it, and her and I were in a huge fight because she wasn’t treating Andrew and My kid the same was she was treating Jamie’s kid. Her reasoning was that Andrew and mine wasn’t really her grandkid because we used a serogate mother…. Why I was dreaming this I have no idea! But anyways, it was so random!

So I woke up about three, and watched a hour or more of room raiders then went to the gym at 5am and came home, watched some more TV and then went to bed and slept till 1. Got up and sat around my house. I got called to work at 5ish and worked from 5 to 8, then left and met Stephen at The Block where we saw Fantastic 4. Very good movie if I do say so myself. The boy was SO HOT! Rarr.

Now I’m at work and I just want to go to sleep… Yawn.

NIght all.

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Despite the guy not showing up, having a good backup and a clean HD is not such a bad thing.

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