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  • Michigan and Florida… SHOVE IT!

    I was watching CNN today and they had this big long debate about what should be done about Michigan and Florida’s primaries. Ok… THEY CHOSE to have the primaries EARLY and they KNEW that the votes would NOT be included in the delegates. What’s the confusion here? So now, there’s all this debating going on […]

  • American Airlines SUCKS!

    You will not believe the story I am about to tell you. I left LA at Noon on Thursday…. I got to my parents house at 4:30 on Saturday afternoon.. Where have I been you ask? Well, lets start at the begining. Got on the plane with no problems in LA, flew to Dallas and […]

  • Stupid Airport

    Well, here I am sitting in DFW… I hate this airport! It amazes me though when you travel how diverse the people are, you find people from all over the country and world at a place like this, and yet everyone is so much the same. It really does show you how America has become […]

  • Dreams

    Man… I had some REALLY fucked up dreams last night… I can only remember one of them. I was back in Alleman and was skydiving off the top of the TV towers there (If I remember right the new one is close to 5,000 feet tall?), Anyways the other one was really scary too and […]

  • Fat People? Joke?!?!

    Unashamed of their size, fed up with fat jokes, and angry at the national obsession with dieting, overweight activists are mounting a feisty protest movement against what it calls the medical establishment’s campaign against obesity. “We’re living in the middle of a witch hunt and fat people are the witches,” said Marilyn Wann of San […]