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Michigan and Florida… SHOVE IT!

I was watching CNN today and they had this big long debate about what should be done about Michigan and Florida’s primaries. Ok… THEY CHOSE to have the primaries EARLY and they KNEW that the votes would NOT be included in the delegates. What’s the confusion here?

So now, there’s all this debating going on about the fact that millions of people’s voices are not being heard and outrage and how is this democracy, etc etc etc.

Ok, shall we repeat? THEY CHOSE TO HAVE THEM EARLY! They KNEW that the votes WOULD NOT BE COUNTED. They broke the rules and now they are crying FOUL? I think NOT! They want to spend MILLIONS of dollars to have a “do-over”. NO! You do not get a do-over! You fully knew what the fuck you were doing when you broke the rules.

Idiots. You do not deserve to have a do-over.

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American Airlines SUCKS!

You will not believe the story I am about to tell you.

I left LA at Noon on Thursday…. I got to my parents house at 4:30 on Saturday afternoon..

Where have I been you ask?

Well, lets start at the begining. Got on the plane with no problems in LA, flew to Dallas and we were late getting in there, I run to my next gate and AS I am walking up to the gate, I get a txt message from American Airlines. “Flight Cancelled”… A few seconds later, they announce it. “All flights into Des Moines, Fort Dodge, Omaha, Cedar Rapids, and Minneapolis are cancelled for the night”.

Last flight into Des Moines, and it’s fucking Cancelled. Here’s where the fun starts! I get in line, there’s room on the flights tomorrow at 7am, 9am and 7pm. By the time I get up there.. ALL of them gone. The guy BEHIND me who was smart enough to get on the phone, got the LAST seat on the 7pm flight the next day.

My only option, fly to Wisconsin and then Des Moines at 2pm the next day. Getting into Des Moines at 11:00pm on Friday. Of course, since it was “weather” related, I had to pay for a hotel and what not. VERY annoying.

Friday comes around and I go to the airport, the flight for wisconsin is right next to a flight going to DM, I go and try and get on the stand by list. There’s 40 people ahead of me! Can you believe it!

My flight to Wisconsin was an HOUR late getting out of the gate, due to mechanical issues. We fly to Wisconsin, we’re still an hour late, but I should have JUST enough time to get to my next flight… flaps down… landing gear down… landing gear UP! Flaps up! We’re going back up… We were SOOO close! We circle for a while and then they announce that the Wisconsin airport is CLOSED! UGH! We were so fucking close!

Re-route us to Grand Rapids, Michigan! Whereever the fuck that is!.. We land, NO other flights going out that nght to anywhere. NO direct flights to Des Moines, NOTHING! My only option to get to DM was to try and get a flight back to Wisconsin the next morning, get on a flight to Las Vegas, fly from Las Vegas to Denver and then Denver to Des Moines! NO WAY am I going to take that chance. I opted to take the next flight out the next morning to Minneapolis and then try and figure out a way to get to DM from there.

Thank god the airline paid for my hotel that night. But I still had to pay for food and ANOTHER night of not being home!

Sooo, I get up at 4am Saturday morning, go to the airport, get on the plane and then they make us sit around for MORE MECHANICAL problems!

Finallly we are on the plane to Minneapolis. My parents can’t get out of Iowa, it’s too foggy, there’s no rental cars, so I have to take a greyhound bus… We land at 7:30, and the only bus leaving that morning is at 8:30… I get to a cab, and we start driving, and it starts SNOWING like a mother fucker! My cabby says we might not make it! OH GOD!

Thankfully I made it JUST in time for the bus, I was the last one there! And thank god too because by the time we got to Iowa 5 HOURS later, it was snowing here like a crazy too! 6 inches of snow today they are saying!

So that’s been the crazy travel experience of this weekend! :'( One hellish trip to get back home for christmas.

I should have just freaking gotten a car in Dallas and driven home. I could have been back Friday morning!

One funny thing is that Const and I watched X-Files on Wed night, one about some Amish type people who are killing people. Anyways, some Amish people get on the bus today and one of the kids is Albino and has BRIGHT PURPLE eyes!!! Scary!

I can’t believe though how much this trip has cost me. Over $300 in expenses from food, to hotel to the bus ride home! :'( I dunno what to do about that. I want a FREE fucking flight or something for all this shit. But I just get so pissed that if I call I am just going to yell!

In good news, it’s snowing like crazy here, and it’s sooooo pretty! I just wish Consty was here to cuddle with! 🙂

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Stupid Airport

Well, here I am sitting in DFW… I hate this airport!

It amazes me though when you travel how diverse the people are, you find people from all over the country and world at a place like this, and yet everyone is so much the same. It really does show you how America has become a more single unit, a nation instead of a nation/state. It reminds me of the 30 Days show a while back about how people in some small ass michigan town were all pissed because the muslims were broadcasting the call to prayer (ie the same thing as ringing bells). These stupid hicks were all pissed and saying they were “brainwashing” people with it.

Saying, “Why can’t they just fit in and blend in”. That’s not what america is supposed to be about. This country is made of people from every country, every continent. That’s what this place is about, it’s about diversity and ACCEPTING everyone’s beliefs. This is not a one-religion country! why can’t people understand that we should all be different.

I know I’m kinda of a hipocrite talking about this, as I’m not the most diverse person in the world, and I don’t really do anything to stand out. But I am who I am. I don’t buy expensive clothes to impress the person at the mall who I’ll never see again, I don’t buy an expensive car to impress some jackass at a stop light that I’ll never even talk to, or probably even make eye contact with.

I buy what I buy because I like it and I want it for me. If I do end up buying a lexus or inifiniti, it’s because that’s what I decided I wanted for myself. Not because that’s what will make me look the best.

Sometime I get really pissed talking to people who are native OCers. You can really tell who they are. EVerything they do, every little action is thought through based on HOW it will be perceived by their peers. I say screw what they want, if it’s not what you want, they why do it? There’s no point… absolutely NONE!

It pisses me off so much. Sometimes I wish I could just go some place secluded and do work and make a living, without having to interact with these stupid people all the time, without having to be bombarded by thousands of ads trying to make me to buy things I don’t never every single day. I want to be able to turn around and not see a fucking McDonalds or a Starfucks. I want to be able to go to the grocery store, a small town, locally owned store and be able to AFFORD the organic products. (They are insanely expensive here in the OC).

I want a store where the meat walks in the back door and leaves the front in my sack. I want to go to a store where the people actually know who I am without having to look at the receipt, just so they can say. ‘Thank you Mr. Black”.

But alas, we’ll never have that world because too many people have been seduced into living this falseness. I don’t want to live in this substitution. I don’t want to be seduced into this world where I’m supposed to get married and have sex twice a week and have a house with a white picket fence and two and a half kids… That’s not what I want. I want to be ME.

I sat next to some guy from Le Mars, Iowa on the plane.. such a small world.

I am one of the millions of Texans who didn’t vote for George W Bush in this last apocalyptic election. So your magazine [Adbusters] is a lifesaver here in Dallas, where the majority of resident automatons are equally materialistic, mindless and violent. Yesterday a man opened the sun roof of his jaguar and shot three people with an AK-47 after a bar fight. If bush can’t prevent urban warfare in his home state, how does he expect to do it in an alien country a world away?

I find that hilarious. I kinda want to get my concealed weapons permit.

I pisses me off that there are posters everywhere here at DFW for the T-Mobile HotSpot… it says. “Another reason to get here two hours early”…. The airport used to be a spot where you were disconnected, like your car, and your house. Where work could be separated from home. The airport was someplace where you could sit back and relax and wait for your plane. Americans really need to realize the separation between home and work…. And they need to do something about it fast.

I’m glad that I work in a company which is fairly strick about these things. 40 hours a week, etc etc… Although there are times when I have to work at home, or over 40 hours a week, or on my weekend. But that’s to be expected when you’re running an uptime reliant thing. It’s sad that the rest of America isn’t getting it, Corporate america.

The latest Adbusters was full of things about schools and education. It was a REALLY good read. I suggest that if you have someone going into public school you should read it…

Sorry about all the disconjoined thoughts.

Everyone should go download music by ‘i f williams’.. very good shit. They have a few free songs on their website. I’m going to see if I can get the CD while I’m in Iowa.

I’m out. Adios.

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Man… I had some REALLY fucked up dreams last night… I can only remember one of them. I was back in Alleman and was skydiving off the top of the TV towers there (If I remember right the new one is close to 5,000 feet tall?), Anyways the other one was really scary too and involved something about being chased in a car. lol.

I only got about 2-3 hours of sleep last night and now I’m at the office. I’m getting a 15″ powerbook today and selling me 12″. So I had to come in and get some parts that I left here, and I think it’s just best to meet the guy here to sell my powerbook. We’ll see.

The new one is a 15″ with a 1.33Ghz and 60Gig HD. I’m going to buy two new 512 Sticks for it so it’ll have 1.25Gigs RAM. 🙂 I’m excited, as most people know I’ve regretted getting the 12″ since I bought it. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but it’s just too small for me. I’ll be happy to have the extra real-estate.

That live FF symphony thing is in San Diego next Thrusday night. I REALLY want to go. Andrew and I were going to go to the one in Chicago, but never did… Mike already has Friday off, so I can’t take friday off and go, but I was thinking maybe I can go, and still make it back by say like 2am for work. The concert starts at 8 and it can’t be more then 2 or 3 hours.. So I figure as long as I’m out of there by 11, I can be back here by 2.. I just wish I had someone to go with me.. I know if Andrew were still here he’d force me to go.. They only have one more show after this and that’s in Michigan. However, Myke is going to give me the CD… Well, he’s going to upload it to my server.. Heaven forbid we hang out again so he can just give it to me. (He went and saw them in SF and said it was fantastic)

Umm, nothing much else going on. I’m kinda pissed though. I was supposed to go out with Stephen last night to see Fantastic 4, but he never called, so I got online about 9, and he was like… “Well, this other guy said he was going to go out with me, so I’m waiting for him”… Ended up this other guy ditched Stephen too, but then he was all bitching at me.. “I hate when people ditch me.” It’s like, HELLO! You fucking ditched me too, youhave no right to talk. Fucking annoying Californians.

I keep meaning to send Andrew something, but I always forget to get it in the mail… Hopefully I’ll get it send before the 11th so it can get to London in time. 🙂

Nothing must else going on in my life… I think next weekend I’m going to spend it shampooing my carpets and cleaning my apartment top to bottom. It’s been getting pretty dirty. I also have to do laundry. I’m down to only a few pairs of Undies left.

I’m so excited, in a month and 2 days I’ll be in Iowa! I can’t wait!


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Fat People? Joke?!?!

Unashamed of their size, fed up with fat jokes, and angry at the national obsession with dieting, overweight activists are mounting a feisty protest movement against what it calls the medical establishment’s campaign against obesity.

“We’re living in the middle of a witch hunt and fat people are the witches,” said Marilyn Wann of San Francisco, a militant member of the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance. “It’s gotten markedly worse in the last few years because of the propaganda that fatness, a natural human characteristic, is somehow a form of disease.”

The association, known as NAAFA, holds its annual convention starting Wednesday in Newark, New Jersey, bringing together activists for social events and workshops on self-acceptance, political advocacy and the “fat liberation” movement.

“I hope we can be a viable force of sanity in the midst of hysteria,” said NAAFA spokeswoman Mary Ray Worley of Madison, Wisconsin. “I’ve found allies in all kinds of unexpected places, but overall there’s a lot of animosity. Some people act like obesity is the next worst thing after terrorism.”

The convention comes as the movement is scrambling to counter federal government pronouncements that obesity is a “critical public health problem” costing more than $100 billion and 300,000 lives per year.

Jeannie Moloo, an American Dietetic Association spokeswoman who counsels overweight clients at her nutrition practice in Sacramento, California, empathizes with the activists’ fight against bias, but says they should be wary of oversimplifying obesity-related health issues.

“Some people can be overweight all their lives and not end up with diabetes or heart disease or hypertension,” Moloo said. “But the majority are probably going to develop one of these life-altering conditions.”

Fat-acceptance groups were dismayed when federal officials announced last month that Medicare was discarding its declaration that obesity isn’t a disease. The policy change will likely prompt overweight Americans covered by Medicare to file medical claims for treatments such as stomach surgery and diet programs.

“Obesity is not a disease,” insisted Allen Steadham, director of the Austin, Texas-based International Size Acceptance Association. “All this does is open the door for the diet and bariatric surgery industries to make a potentially tremendous profit.”

Most fat-acceptance activists endorse the concept of eating healthy food and exercising regularly, but they oppose any fixation on losing weight and contend that more than 95 percent of diets fail. They also decry the rapid growth of stomach-shrinking surgery; the number of such procedures has quadrupled to 100,000 annually since 1998.

Wann depicts bariatric surgery as “stomach amputation” that imposes anorexia on patients and exposes them to long-term risks. Kelly Bliss, a self-described “full-figured fitness instructor” from Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, predicts that future generations will disapprovingly look back on stomach surgery as “comparable to lobotomies.”

Bliss, who coaches clients by phone and in fitness classes, subscribes to a philosophy called “health at every size” — preaching that health, fitness and self-esteem can be achieved independent of weight.

“There’s a war on obese people, and I’m treating the casualties – people whose hearts are being ripped out,” Bliss said.

NAAFA and others have tried to combat what they see as rampant discrimination against fat people, but progress has been sporadic. Southwest Airlines, for example, resisted protests targeting its policy of requiring large passengers to purchase a second ticket if they can’t fit in a single seat.

“People want to fight for their rights, but there’s a lot of shame involved,” Steadham said. “It takes a whole lot of determination to stick through it to the end.”

A few cities, including San Francisco, explicitly outlaw weight discrimination. Michigan is the only state to do so, but its Civil Rights Department said only five of 1,696 job discrimination complaints filed in 2003 involved weight.

Walter Lindstrom, a San Diego attorney specializing in weight-discrimination cases, said overweight plaintiffs usually must prove that acts of bias against them are covered by federal laws prohibiting discrimination against disabled people.

“These cases are more difficult from a proof standpoint, and also because you’re dealing with a very unpopular class of clients,” Lindstrom said. “Juries are generally disgusted with your average size-related plaintiff. You have to get past that, and have them see the plaintiff as someone with a true medical problem.”

Many fat-acceptance activists were heartened by this year’s publication of “The Obesity Myth” by University of Colorado law professor Paul Campos, who contends that diet promoters, drug companies and weight-loss surgeons have whipped up an irrational panic over weight.

Campos shares many of the activists’ views but says their effectiveness has been limited.

“The movement has found itself marginalized by drawing its membership and leadership from the far extreme of obesity,” he said. “It will be more successful if it can attract the two-thirds of Americans who are being told by the government that they weigh too much — the I-want-to-lose-20-pounds crowd who are starting to feel a certain amount of resentment from the constant haranguing they’re getting.”