Const is in Houston!

Road trip to Houston!!!

This past week I have been on a road trip to Houston! Constantine has moved there for the next 6 months! 🙁

So Tuesday was not a very good day for me. I had a 4 hour meeting I had to prepare for, and I had to prepare to be out of the office for the next week and a half (I am in training this week). So I email all my clients and tell them that I will be gone, most of them were like. “Ok whatever”. Well one of them emailed me back and was all bitchy and was like. “I was expecting things to be done this week! blah blah blah. So I had to come pu with a way that I could work while traveling. I installed Windows 2003 on my external drive so that I could use Parallels, then installed MsSQL so that I had the DB. Then I had y 4 hour meeting which ended up only lasting 2 hours. Got done with that and it was noon and I wanted to go home. But As soon as I got back to my desk I had three clients IMing me wanting help with shit! UGH! Very annoying. I ended up getting out of the office at 2:30. Rushed home because Const said he’d be there in about 2 hours (when I talked to him at 2).

Get home and shower and pack real quick and what not… And then ended up sitting around till 6 when he finally got there. We went out to dinner with Sirin to Hennessey’s for burgers.

Got home that night and just hung out at the house and watched TV. Got up at 8 on Wed and had breakfast at this new Crepe place in Redondo Beach. We had a HOT french/russian/vietnamese waiter. He was really ncie too, we talked to him for a while and what not. The food was excellent! I would highly suggest going there and checking it out. It’s on the corner of Ave I and Catalina.

Got in the car and headed out after that. I plugged in my external drive (one of those portable ones that’s powered off USB) and worked away for a few hours. About the time I was finishing up, the hard drive suddenly says it’s been disconnected…. IT was still connected to me!!! So I unplug it and plug it back in… “Please initialize this drive”!

WTF! So I freak out because this drive has ALL my windows installations that I use for work, and training and playing and testing and everything else! PLUS It has ALL THE INFORMATION I need to be able to do work on this trip! VERY ANNNOYING!

The rest of the drive wasn’t too bad. 530 miles that day. Some VERY pretty wild flowers and stuff along the way. Got to the hotel and it was amazing. It was basically a HUGE apartment. Hung out there for a couple minutes and then went to dinner at an Asian place.

Thursday we got up at 8:30 again and we were on the road by 10. 550 miles that day. Lots of VERY VERY boring flat lands. Const spent hours calling all the apartments. I am SOOO jealous of these Texas apartments. 2 bedrooms with granite and hard wood floors and all this sweeeeet shit for WAY LESS then what I pay for a crappy 1 bedroom! Some of the places even have FREE starbucks coffee and fluff and fold service! UGH! That night we watched a comedian called Daniel Tosh. He’s very very funny. You should all go check it out.

Friday, 1610 miles later we MADE IT! 🙂 We got here and ate dinner at this very yummy Steak house called Smith & Wollensky got to the hotel and figured out plans for Saturday and then watched Americal Idol!

Satrday we got up at 8 and headed out to this place called Le Peep for breakfast. I got the blueberry pancakes which were not that good. But Const got bannana nut waffles which were delicious! After that we started looking at apartments. I think we went to like 10 different places. The second place we saw SMELLED soooooo fucking bad! GROSS! I wanted to puke when we walked into the stairwell to the apartment! The 4th place was just amazing! Very industrial with concrete floors and exposed duct work and what not. HUGE tub. It was SO CUTE! All the other places were really nice as well. At the end of the day we headed back to place number 4 to put down the money and what not. We get there and some guy is putting the deposit down on the apartment Const wanted. :'( So we went back to the third place which was also very nice and he got that one. I sure hope he will like it.

Saturday night we went out to a bar called “South Beach” which was tons of fun! Dancing and drinking and what not.

Sunday we slept in and then went shopping for stuff for his apartment. Got some really cute plates and what not from Pier 1. I think once I am back to LA I will go buy 2 more sets so that when he gets back we’ll have a 4some! haha. We went and saw the movie “Jumper” which was pretty good. After that we went back to the hotel and laid in the bed for a couple hours before my flight. I wanted to just bawl, but I held it back… I just realized that I forgot to get one last picture of us together there in Houston! Awwww. Anyways, we left the hotel and tried finding food on the way to the airport. That was one crazy adventure. We ended up in some GHETTO Popeye’s and got chicken. Seriously. I mean GHETTO! Got to the airport and it was very sad, but I held it together. I can’t wait to see him again.

You Will NEVER Guess…..

My flight into Des Moines has been CANCELED!

I am stuck in fucking Dallas Texas!

There’s only 3 flights direct from here to DM tomorrow.

I got to the counter and the guy NEXT to me took the LAST seat on the LAST flight into DM. Soooo

Instead, I am flying from HERE…

To Wisconsin…


To Des Moines.

I leave here at 2:20pm and get into DM at 11:50pm… And then I have family Christmas starting at 9am Saturday. And I have to gift wrap and what not.

Can you believe this FUCKING SHIT!


At least last night was amazing… Const got me a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses, which I’ve been really wanting ever since he introduced me to them, a blender which I’ve been wanting for years, and a new keyboard for my Mac! Which I almost bought for myself this past tuesday! Good thing I didn’t!

On the news now…

The “TSA” is the most hated government agency in the US! Hhaha. They rank BEHIND the IRS even! 🙂

I think I’m ready for the “L” word…. Scared!

I sold my old car this morning too!!! I’m a very sad about that, When she drove away, the last time I’ll see her, I cried a little! :'(


Following is an article I’ve written over the last two days… It’s in a very VERY rough form and is NOT completed… In fact, it probably never will be completed… I didn’t even spell check it, nor do I care too…Also, I ask a lot of questions that I then don’t answer.. So whatever. I just wanted to be done with it, it’s making me too sad… Plus I have another more fun sounding project in mind. About the Nuclear Bomb. 😀 So If I get off my ass, you can read that probably next week. but don’t hold your breath….

Every gay boy has one major stuggle in his life. Between choosing one thing and hiding who he is, or accepting who he is and casting off or coming to terms with the other thing. For most gay people this typically comes down to family, others it’s religious upbringing and for many others there’s a vast array of conflits within your life in which you have to make this choice.

For me, the struggle lies within an organiztaion I have been a part of all my life. An organization that helped to raise me and make me become who I am today, a moral and repsonsible adult in our culture. My stuggle has not to do with my parents, for they were accepting, it has not to do with my religion, as I was brought up in a non-religious household. My stuggle has to do with The Boy Scouts of America.

I started my life in the Boy Scouts at the age of 5, as a tiger cub. I worked my way up, eventually becoming a Webelos Scout and then moving into the Troop. Within the troop, I struggled to be active, I was the only one, but I persisted, I built up a troop, of which I was the Senior Patrol Leader by the age of 14. I organized the camping trips, I went to summer camp, I organized and performed our first crossing over ceremony, I became a Brotherhood member of the OA, I did it all. I never missed a meeting, my parents were involved. and I eventually got my Eagle Scout Rank. By this time the troop had grown to a size of 20, with a large group of Webelos about to cross over.

The summer of ’00 I made my first trek to Philmont, and although my health prevented me from participating in the typical 10 day trek through the back country, I spent a week there in a less intense back country trek and 2 days of COPE instruction, in which I earned my COPE Instructor certification.

My life was the Boy Scouts, I lived and breathed Boy Scouts. I had amassed a collection of Patches from every council west of Iowa, I had attended three different summer camps in two different Councils. I had gone to the Idiol of Boy Scout camping experiences and I spent two summers of my life working on Camp Staff as a model employee. Instructing the youngest of Scouts on the basic esecntials that would make them model scouts and model citizens. I took pride in my work and pride in my life as a Boy Scout/Eagle Scout.

However, my second year on camp staff was a turning point in my life. The Boy Scouts were entrenched in a legal battle over allowing homosexuls to be adult leaders, I was becoming more and more active in Scouting for All and Inclusive Scouting.

It was late one summer night my one day off for the past two weeks, as I has been assigned to back to back Cub Scout sessions in addition to my Boy Scout sessions. As I sat in my room that night reading about the battle, and thinking about the boy that I had met just recently I decided it was time for me to come out. To end my time in the closet. My parents already knew. I ahd told them earlier that summer, but at that time had decided to stay active in the scouting that I loved.

This night was different. I woke my mother and explained to her what I was thinking. She suggested that I do what I felt I had to, and by that point I felt like I had to quit. I couldn’t continue to be a part of this organization that was kicking people out just because of who they choose to love in private.

I went back to camp at 4am that morning, I walked it one last time. Remembering all the fun and wonderful times that I had there. The 8 years of summers I had spent there, the hundreds of hours I had spent setting up and tearing down tents, the hundreds of hours I spent teaching the kids there, the next leaders of our country, all the times that I had walked it late at night coming home from OA outings deep in the woods. I thought about how working 100 hours a week here was probaby the hardest job I’ll ever have.. And yet, it was probably the most fun, the most rewarding job I’ll ever have.

And then I went to my boss and turned in my resignation.

That was the last active interaction I’ve had with the Boy Scouts. I’ve gone back to camp a few times, to watch the cerimonies and to catch up with old friends, but that’s it. And I’ve missed every minute of it.

Even though I’ve already written two and a half pages, the point of this article is not about my history in the boy scouts, but it is about what’s wrong with the scouting structure, and current thoughr process of ousting homosexuals as well as those who do not belive in god. I’ve seen this process work, sadly enough, in person. While being employed at camp I witnessed an adult leader being escorted from camp because it was found out he was gay. Where does it start, and where does it end. Who put this in place and why?

The Boy Scouts was founded in 1910 to shape future americans to be model citizens and to prepare them for active duty in the armed services. They were founded simply because a man was lost in London fog and a young boy helped him find his way. So why do the executives in Irving, Texas think that homosexuals and athiests can’t be a part of the boy scouts?

Lets start at the bottom, the local Troops and packs. Here is where the real revolution starts. Up until Feb 2002, the local troops and packs were basically free to declare their own discrimination policies. Around the country one could find troops which had stated that they would not discriminate based on any reason, be it sexuality or religion. There’s even councils which had made that same statement. However these troops and councils faced having their charters revoked by the national council. Most of them were not very open about these policies and thus didn’t make a huge impact on the national councils policies.

In Feb 2002, the national council of the BSA issued an order stating that the national polcy was to not allow homosexuals or anyone who did not belive in god into the boy scouts. What brought forth this policy? The Boy Scouts of America is in the minority in this policy. Of all boy scouting operations around the world 2/3rds of them have no such policy and openly allow homosexuals to join. Many of them even allow girls to join the ranks.

Since this order the boy scouts enrollment has dropped. 13% for cub scouting and 3% for boy scouting. However, these numbers are not relevant, as it is widly known that councils inflat the numbers of troops. My troop backhome was inflated by 100% while I was a scout. We had a total of 10 ghost members, scouts who had joined and then quickly left were never taken off the rooster. So it’s unknown the true effects of this order. However, we do know that it’s had a downward effect on enrollment.

But what effect has this policy had on the grassroots efforts of scouting for all and inclusive scouting? Sadly, it has not had that great of an affect. These two organizations are far too small to really make a difference right now. They are not well known enough and do not have the funding to start a real scouting oranization. Although they are working on mirror the boy scouts, with a more accepting policy, the true experiences of being a boy scout can never be mirrored or relpaced.

The boy scouts of america needs to get out of bed with bush and his cronies and get real on what’s happening in the world. Americans today are more accepting then ever of homosexualality and athiestism. The BSA will not survive for the next 100 years unless they change these discriminatory policies.


I’ve decided that August is a scandalous month for me! Just go read the journal entries from years past for August! OMG! I’m such a bad boy. hehe.

Really nothing has been happening in my life. I went and spent $45 at the scout shop yesterday. opps.

Here’s some news stories that make me sad:

In 1973, fresh out of college, Dennis St. Jean was hired by the Boy

Scouts of America. He quickly worked his way up, serving in a variety

of executive positions across the Northeast. In 1991 he was

transferred to the BSA’s headquarters in Irving, Texas, where, as

Assistant Director of Professional Development, he taught management

skills to thousands of employees across the country. Ten years later,

St. Jean stepped down and moved to the Florida Keys to become General

Manager of Sea Base in the Florida Keys. There, he and his seasonal

staff of 2000 supervised the 11,000 Boy Scouts who came year-round to

snorkel, scuba, and sail at one of scouting’s three national high

adventure programs.

But on January 28, 2005, according to St. Jean, he became the

highest-ranking and longest-serving professional scouter in the

history of the BSA to be fired merely for being gay. St. Jean had

just successfully led Sea Base through a trying hurricane season when

a representative from Irving came to Florida and presented him with

the “evidence”: a copy of his bill from Lighthouse Court Gay

Guesthouses, where he had vacationed months before. (St. Jean

believes the bill was obtained by a disgruntled Sea Base employee who

had somehow found out about the trip.) Days later, a registered

letter from Irving stated that the BSA had “lost confidence” in St.

Jean’s ability to serve as an employee. “I was like a deer in

headlights,” recalls St. Jean. “I was dumbfounded-I felt devastated,

angry, hurt.” The BSA’s national spokesperson refused to comment on

what he called a “personnel issue,” but St. Jean, who says he had

never received a professional evaluation that was less than glowing,

can see no other explanation for why he was let go.

It is not at all clear exactly when the BSA started forbidding

membership to gays and non-theists; for the first seven decades after

the organization’s 1910 founding the issue never came up in a public

way. It wasn’t until a series of court cases in the wake of a lawsuit

filed by a California Scout-who was forced out after taking a boy to

senior prom-that the BSA’s membership policies became a legal issue.

The BSA’s requires all of its approximately four million youth and

adult members (who include about 4,000 employees) to meet its

discriminatory membership standards, which were protected by the

Supreme Court’s 2000 ruling in Boy Scouts of America v. Dale. The 5

to 4 decision agreed with the BSA’s claim that its membership

policies were a form of speech legally known as “expressive

association,” and were thereby protected by the First Amendment.

Since the decision the BSA has shown no sign of changing its mind,

and that’s angered many who, Like St. Jean, have otherwise felt that

they had a home in scouting.

While the National Council’s expenditures-$125 million in 2004-are

privately funded, the organization has long benefited from a wide

variety of in kind contributions and support from state, local, and

federal governments. Dale triggered a battery of anti-discrimination

lawsuits against the BSA, resulting in court decisions that

restricted governmental support for the organization. The most

important case yet decided involves the Boy Scout National Jamboree

at Fort A.P. Hill-an Army base in Northern Virginia, which has hosted

the event every four years since 1981-which closes its nine-day run

tomorrow. An estimated 40,000 scouts and leaders from across the

country will attend this year’s summer camp-like gathering. The

Department of Defense views the Jamboree as a unique opportunity to

educate boys about careers in the military, and gives the military

experience in setting up an event akin to running a refugee camp. The

Pentagon expects to spend about $7.3 million on in-kind services in

support of the Jamboree. This support accounts for about 80 percent

of all federal funds directed to the Boy Scouts, according to Adam

Schwartz, an attorney for the ACLU. But this spring, a Federal

District Court judge for Northern Illinois declared the BSA a

religious institution, and hence ruled that the military funds

violated the Establishment Clause-which limits government support for

organized religion.

To fight its many legal and public relations battles, the BSA is

relying on support from a long roster of conservative and religious

organizations, who see the Scouts as just another front in the

ongoing culture wars to preserve what they, and the BSA, call

“traditional values.” Robert Bork Jr.-a former fellow at the

conservative Heritage Foundation, and the son of Ronald Reagan’s

failed Supreme Court nominee-has been hired to coordinate public

relations for the scouts; his campaign’s centerpiece website

recommends related articles from The Weekly Standard and Citizen, the

magazine of James Dobson’s Focus on the Family. The Federalist

Society, the foremost legal think tank of the right, recently hosted

a panel on the BSA’s struggles, featuring Ken Starr. Scout Councils

in Florida and Georgia have held fundraisers that have featured

conservative celebrities Ann Coulter and Oliver North.

Mark Noel, a leader in the Coalition for Inclusive Scouting, a

national network of activists working to reform the BSA’s exclusive

policies, thinks that liberal parents and scouts have been “voting

with their feet,” deciding that Scouting is no longer appropriate for

their family after hearing about the discriminatory polices at issue

in the lawsuits. Indeed, since Dale, Boy Scout rolls have dropped 3.8

percent. Cub Scout numbers have dropped by a staggering 13.8

percent-a decrease that likely foreshadows a similar drop among older

Scouts in a few years time. But the reduced public support has

perhaps had a more direct effect: One Portland BSA employee

attributed a 10 percent drop in his Council’s enrollment after the

city forbid recruitment during school hours. Meanwhile, with

corporate sponsors and local United Way affiliates cutting funds to

BSA Councils, hiring has slowed. According to St. Jean, the BSA

calculates that each new professional scouter usually recruits about

1,500 new boys.

The BSA, for its part, insists that the decline is unrelated to the

fallout from its membership policies, instead pointing to changing

age demographics and a general decrease in interest in

scouting-related activities. But the population of eligible boys has

held steady, and the Girl Scouts-a similar yet separate organization

that does not discriminate on the basis of religion or sexual

orientation-has continued to grow.

No matter the exact cause, however, the drop in enrollment is

increasing the influence of those within the organization who support

BSA’s discriminatory rules. Internal efforts to reform membership

policies have been thwarted by the BSA’s Religious Relations

Committee, which has long been dominated by representatives of

conservative churches. (The Mormon Church, whose adherents are about

2 percent of the general population but account for about 13 percent

of BSA membership, is usually described as the chief impediment.)

But reform efforts are unlikely to get far as long as the scouts

continue to stifle dissent. New leaders are required to sign a pledge

stating that they believe that someone cannot be the “best kind” of

citizen without believing in God. Activists report that the BSA

maintains a “litmus test” and refuses to promote any professional who

disagrees with the policy.

Noel, concerned about the future of Scouting, points to polls that

show younger Americans to be more tolerant than previous generations;

these future parents will soon decide whether or not to encourage

their sons to join. And he worries that Scouting, which used to

respect the values of a broader swath of Americans, will have made up

their minds for them.

It’s been more than six months since St. Jean was fired. So far, his

efforts to reach an out-of-court financial settlement with the BSA

for wrongful termination have been unsuccessful; he soon plans to

file suit against the organization, under a Monroe County, Florida,

ordinance prohibiting employment discrimination on the basis of

sexual orientation, and has retained an out-of-state lawyer who

previously obtained a settlement for another gay client fired by the


He’s been unemployed since his firing. With his seniority stripped

away, the new job he’ll soon start will pay about half what he earned

at Sea Base. And it will not be with the organization he joined as an

eight year old cub scout and “never left”-that is, until they kicked

him out.

Gah! Why can’t they just accept that homos are everywhere and let them stay! I mean clearly this guy has done NOTHING WRONG within the BSA, he’s amodel employee! I struggle every day with this it annoys the hell out of me.

I LOVE my friends from Iowa.. They’re so great:

8:53:48 PM drelle: Dear Chris, please move to Ames.

8:54:01 PM drelle: I would like a cuddle buddy this very moment.

8:54:05 PM drelle: Love, Oksana

8:54:14 PM drelle: PS. Please pass me Andrew

8:54:19 PM drelle: i mean.

8:54:45 PM drelle: pass me Andrew’s contact information, so he could fulfil your duty as a cuddle buddy in your absence.

8:54:48 PM drelle: Love, Oksana

8:59:16 PM drelle: Dear Chris,

8:59:35 PM drelle: i left you a very retarded phone message, because I thought you came to iowa this week, and didn’t tell me about it.

9:00:41 PM drelle: So please, ignore the message, and let’s have a date on Friday, August 19th

9:01:00 PM drelle: with gourmet meals, lots of art, butterflies, movies and sex.

9:01:02 PM drelle: Love, Oksana

Oh how I miss having sex with Oksana! She’s so good at it too! Hehe.. Julian, Oksana, Luke and me….All having sex TWICE a week! It was so hot! We’re going to have lots of sex on Friday Aug 19th! So let me know if anyone wants to join!! 😀


Sweaty Citys!

Check out where DM is!

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1. Phoenix 1. El Paso, Texas 1. Phoenix 1. San Antonio
2. Las Vegas 2. Greenville, S.C. 2. Houston 2. Dallas/Fort Worth
3. Tucson, Ariz. 3. Phoenix 3. Miami 3. New Orleans
4. Miami 4. Corpus Christi, Texas 4. San Antonio 4. Houston
5. Corpus Christi, Texas 5. New Orleans 5. Fort Myers, Fla. 5. West Palm Beach, Fla.
6. West Palm Beach, Fla. 6. Houston 6. West Palm Beach, Fla. 6. Orlando, Fla.
7. Houston 7. Miami 7. Tampa, Fla. 7. Memphis, Tenn.
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20. El Paso, Texas 20. Tulsa, Okl. 20. Mobile, Ala. 20. Washington, D.C.
21. Austin, Texas 21. Charleston, W. Va. 21. Jacksonville, Fla. 21. Sacramento, Calif.
22. Charleston, W.V. 22. Honolulu 22. Jackson, Miss. 22. Norfolk/Portsmouth, Va.
23. Fresno, Calif. 23. Jacksonville, Fla. 23. Honolulu 23. Greensboro/High Point, N.C.
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25. Shreveport, La. 25. Jackson, Miss. 25. Little Rock, Ark. 25. Hilo, Hawaii
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27. Memphis, Tenn. 27. Little Rock, Ark. 27. St. Louis 27. Cincinnati
28. Jackson, Miss. 28. Oklahoma City 28. El Paso, Texas 28. Philadelphia (tie)
28. Pittsburgh (tie)
29. Little Rock, Ark. 29. Columbia, S.C. 29. Paducah, Ky. 29. Harrisburg/Lancaster, Pa.
30. Birmingham, Ala. 30. Memphis, Tenn. 30. Louisville, Ky. 30. New York
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33. Oklahoma City 33. Norfolk, Va. 33. Columbia, S.C. 33. Hartford/New Haven, Conn.
34. Raleigh, N.C. 34. Birmingham, Ala. 34. Birmingham, Ala. 34. Chicago
35. Norfolk, Va. 35. Kansas City, Mo. 35. Norfolk, Va. 35. Denver
36. Chattanooga, Tenn. 36. St. Louis 36. Oklahoma City 36. Fresno/Visalia, Calif.
37. Richmond, Va. 37. Atlanta, Ga. 37. Nashville, Tenn. 37. Minneapolis/St. Paul.
38. Greenville, S.C. 38. Huntsville, Ala. 38. Evansville, Ind. 38. Indianapolis
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42. Albuquerque, N.M. 42. Chattanooga, Tenn. 42. Raleigh, N.C. 42. Providence, R.I.
43. Charlotte, N.C. 43. Nashville, Tenn. 43. Greenville/Spartanburg, S.C. 43. Boston
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54. Springfield, Mo. (tie)
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56. Omaha, Neb. 56. Spokane, Wash. 56. Indianapolis
57. Springfield, Mo. 57. Knoxville, Tenn. 57. Roanoke, Va.
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87. Syracuse, N.Y. 87. Boston 87. Rochester, N.Y.
88. South Bend, Ind. 88. Flint, Mich. 88. Youngstown, Ohio
89. Madison, Wis. 89. Cincinnati 89. Madison, Wis.
90. Flint, Mich. 90. Pittsburgh 90. Buffalo, N.Y.
91. Buffalo, N.Y. 91. Asheville, N.C. 91. Albany, N.Y.
92. Burlington, Vt. 92. Cedar Rapids, Iowa 92. Green Bay, Wis.
93. Youngstown, Ohio 93. Portland, Maine 93. Burlington, Vt.
94. Milwaukee, Wis. 94. Los Angeles 94. Los Angeles
95. Seattle 95. Rochester, N.Y. 95. Portland, Ore.
96. Rochester, N.Y. 96. Buffalo, N.Y. 96. San Diego
97. Portland, Maine 97. Fort Wayne, Ind. 97. Portland, Maine
98. Green Bay, Wis. 98. Green Bay, Wis. 98. Spokane, Wash.
99. Colorado Springs, Colo. 99. San Diego 99. Seattle
100. San Francisco 100. Youngstown, Ohio 100. San Francisco
Source: Old Spice
*The 2002 Sweatiest Cities list only included 51 rankings.