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  • Fat People? Joke?!?!

    Unashamed of their size, fed up with fat jokes, and angry at the national obsession with dieting, overweight activists are mounting a feisty protest movement against what it calls the medical establishment’s campaign against obesity. “We’re living in the middle of a witch hunt and fat people are the witches,” said Marilyn Wann of San […]

  • He Needs to Be GONE!

    President Bush condemned the Massachusetts court ruling on gay marriage on Wednesday, and conservative groups said the White House had informed them that the president would soon endorse efforts to pass an amendment to the United States Constitution defining marriage to be between a man and a woman. Mr. Bush, in a statement issued by […]

  • CO-2845

    Well I’m doing much better today and yesterday then I had been all week. Much better. Yesterday I came into work about 8ish and got alot done. I left here at 10 and went home and waited for Drew to get here… He finally got here and we sat around watching Ricki Lake and the […]

  • I always wondered…

    So why do astronomers always compare the size of meteors to Volkswagen bugs? It’s part of the english solid volumn measuring system: Bread Box = 346 Tennis Balls Bowling Ball = 2.2 bread boxes Volkswagen bug = 2560 bowling balls Football field (yes it’s volumn, it’s the english system) = 1340 Volkswage bugs Texas = […]

  • Soups On

    LOL oh the Simpsons. YAY SIMPSONS! Anyways, today has been rather uneventful. I reshot all my pictures so hopefully they come out well. If they don’t I’m gonna shoot myself in the face… or shoot again, whichever will work better. Well I got a request for a character list. LOL. So here goes. MAIN CHARACTERS-these […]