Author: Andy McGee

  • You got a fast car, I got a plan to get us outta here

    I’m not sure how many crazy things are flying around the LJ world, in fact, it’s probably none, but in case anyone was wondering, YES I did run away to France for the weekend. No, it wasn’t necessairly the smartest or most mature thing to do, but I did it and it’s over. I went […]

  • Confused

    I’m so confused lately. But now it’s not about me. It’s about him. For probably the past 5-6 days/nights, I’ve been feeling the same. The same. As in, feeling the same thing everyday, and not flip flopping all the time. It feels good, it feels nice, and I like it a lot. But suddenly it […]

  • What The Hell

    He was totally annoying me on the phone for some reason, yet when he said he had to go, I didn’t want him to. What the hell’s going on? Why do I feel the way I do… jealousy, remorse…. who the hells knows? Am I upset b/c it seems like he’s moving on? The answer […]

  • Just for you

    Ok, here’s the update FINALLY. It probably won’t be as long as you’d like honey. Don’t hate me!! 🙂 Well, the week before Chris came I did a lot of thinking. Mainly at work, since I sit there and think and do nothing else. What did I think about? Well, I wantd to give Chris […]

  • Together we stand, Divided we Fall

    Ok, here’s the big spring break update. I’ll just break it up into days to make it easier on everyone. NOw hopefully I can even remember what I did. Friday: Work sucked, and Alicia and I took a long (like 1/2 hour) break to get some coffee and go to the bank. I talked most […]