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  • Private: Confusion of life

    Ok this is going to be a tell all entry that may have lots of things in it that people don’t want to hear, so that is the fair warning to everyone. So the other night we went out to the Boom. I ended up in the underwear contest again and that was ok, I […]

  • Private: I Remember Feeling Like That.

    From Steve’s Blog: I must admit, Im in a great mood right now. Yesterday, I took Andrew out on a not-so-adventureous adventure to the mountains. I haven’t been to the mountains in years and I figured Andrew has never been to the so-cal mountains before, so it seemed like it would be fun. One the […]

  • Private: The Weird Stuff

    From Andrew’s Blog:Ok, so the weird stuff. A week or two ago my mom told me that she had a phone conversation with Chris, and that he is really sad and whatnot. I don’t know why this made me feel so weird, but it did. Probably because she’s my own mother. But also because I […]

  • You got a fast car, I got a plan to get us outta here

    I’m not sure how many crazy things are flying around the LJ world, in fact, it’s probably none, but in case anyone was wondering, YES I did run away to France for the weekend. No, it wasn’t necessairly the smartest or most mature thing to do, but I did it and it’s over. I went […]

  • Two Years

    So tomorrow. 2 years ago tomorrow, I was sitting at my desk, working away and taking phone calls, when I turned around and saw my supervisor walking in my general direction with some flowers. It was Johnny’s last day (he sat right next to me) so I assumed they were for him. Instead, Brent set […]