Private: The Weird Stuff

From Andrew’s Blog:Ok, so the weird stuff. A week or two ago my mom told me that she had a phone conversation with Chris, and that he is really sad and whatnot. I don’t know why this made me feel so weird, but it did. Probably because she’s my own mother. But also because I had had a dream that involved my mom and Chris and I told steve and jokingly said that when I talk to my mom, she’ll bring up Chris. And then when I called her, she was like “I have to talk to you about Chris” it was really weird. So that was that really.

But then Steve (if you go to his LJ, you can see elaboration) found out that Chris hung out with one of his exes, and it seems to be getting at him for some reason. But then he wrote that he went to Chris’ journal and read it and looked at pictures of us together, and he wrote that Chris obviously still loves me. So then, of course I’m too curious for my own good, so I broke my promise to myself and went to Chris’ journal and just scanned through it. Several interseting things: 1. I’m not sure what Steve was talking about, b/c I barely found references to me, and most of them weren’t too positive, 2. it seems as Chris has become some sort of so-cal homo, going to clubs and drinking a lot, which is just strange cause it’s so not him, and 3. from the looks of my skimming, it seemed like Chris was also in some fairly awful relationships. I don’t know why, but the whole situation has been on my mind now. So I don’t really know. It was really weird being back to Chris’ website after not going there for so long. I used to go there a million times a day. It still felt.. familiar.

I really want to call him and talk to him about this shit. I still want to be friends with him. He’s the one who ended it all. God damnit.

3 thoughts on “Private: The Weird Stuff”

  1. BTW: I went to Steve’s journal and didn’t see ANYTHING about what Andrew’s talking about.

    I also wonder who it is that I went out with that’s his Ex. Random.

  2. chris… just call or e-mail him. what have you got to lose? if he *really* doesnt want anything to do with you then… whatever, it’s his loss.

    more chris for me!

  3. Ok, so I was going to e-mail him today… But he beat me to it.

    And yeah, more chris for you, but sadly you’re not here to take advantage of the excess chris!! 😛

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