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Private: Don’t Mess With Me

Ugh, the last day or so have been HORRIBLE.

Ok, well you might all remember a while back I complained about my insurance and the doctors and how they were trying to bill me for the pre-consultation, and blah blah blah? Well I got ANOTHER Bill from them yesterday. Now they are saying they NEVER were a part of the PPO plan that we have and it was a mistake to even say they were.

Yes, it WAS a mistake, it was THEIR mistake and I should NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR THIS. Apparently what happened was that they were a part of ADMAR, which was recently bought out by Multiplan PPO. Of course I couldn’t get ANY of this information out of the Doctor, they were just trying to get me to pay the damn bill.

So I went off on this stupid bitch. It’s not MY FAULT that they told me TWICE that they were a part of the plan and it’s not MY FAULT that the damn website for the plan provider says that they ARE PARTICIPATING. I should NOT HAVE TO PAY because they fucked up.

Then yesterday when I got home there was a fucking car parked in my spot. I let them sit there for an hour, but then I got pissed and had them towed.

Then this morning my alarm clock doesn’t go off so I’m running an hour late, and I had this interview at 7:15 and shit. So I’m driving and come up behind this car and slow down. Then he moves over and I pass him and he’s like flipping me off and yelling at me and shit. So I’m like, “What the fuck is this guys problem”. I did NOTHING to him.

So I flip him off and roll down my window and I’m like, “WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM FUCKER”. Then he starts all racing me and shit and keeps cutting me off and then coming up next to me and flipping me off. So I call the cops on his bitch ass. I’m sure they’ll not do anything about it, but whatever. It made me feel better to do something.

Get to work and get on my call for the interview. It went really well and it sounds like a great job. You get 4 weeks a year as vacation, and all this shit. They said they want to fly me out to Chicago for an in person interview. So that’s exciting! They’re going to get back to me by the end of the week with more information. 🙂

The only problem is that they seem to be very windows oriented. Although they are a majority of Macs (Over 400) the guy said he would prefer to move to windows. Blah.

Ugh, lets hope the rest of the week goes better then this shit.

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