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So, Sundays for me are typically a very lazy day for me. I lounge around the house, clean stuff up, watch TV and just enjoy myself.

One thing I do every Sunday is watch the Powerblock on Spike TV. I know, how straight of me. But I like watching all the shows about cars and learning about it and seeing the cool stuff that’s going on. Well out of the four shows, one of my favorites was “Trucks!”. The host on there, Stacey David, was very cool, laid back and informative and always did some really cool projects. Anyways, so Sunday I was watching along and trucks came on and there was SWEARING in the intro!

So I looked up from what I was doing and noticed that the guys hosting was TOTALLY NOT Stacey! OMG, what happened?! So I go and look it up and find this artice on Stacey’s website.

Anyways, the guys hosting this show are SO FUCKING ANNOYING now. They swear and one is just the annoying fat guy. Ugh, the show is totally crap now. They don’t even go into the detail that Stacey used to.

Spike is totally ruining the Powerblock recently. They added this other horrible show called with two other really annoying guys. The only original show left is “Horsepower” which they added ths young kid too. But he ended up being pretty cool and he’s hot. So that wasn’t so bad.

The rest of the two hours are just turning to crap. I guess I’ll have to find something else to watch during that time.

In other news… Had lunch with Perry today, he was really nice and we had a good chat. It’s cool that he works in the building next to mine. Hopefully we can continue to have lunch. It’s nice to get out.

My Gamping group is up to 23 members now. I’m going to try and get a Brunch together soon. Have I said that already?

Anyways, time to go home for the day. Sadly I think it’s too cold for a bike ride. Oh well.


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