Private: I Remember Feeling Like That.

From Steve’s Blog: I must admit, Im in a great mood right now. Yesterday, I took Andrew out on a not-so-adventureous adventure to the mountains. I haven’t been to the mountains in years and I figured Andrew has never been to the so-cal mountains before, so it seemed like it would be fun. One the way there, I had to stop by my house to get some money. Andrew met my mom and Stepfather. It wasn’t really much of a meeting, it was just a meet and greet situation. I got money, grabbed snacks, and we went on our way. I figured all the major mountains would be ridiculously busy (e.g. Lake Arrowhead, Big Bear, etc…), so I opted for a cheaper and closer alternative, Mt. Baldy. The drive up wasn’t that bad; it only took about 45 minutes. As we were approaching Mt. Baldy, I was getting worried as the mountains looked to be barren of snow. Leave it to me to find the one mountain range that didn’t have snow… Anyways, I have a great uncle that lives at the base of the mountain with his family. Andrew and I stopped by his house to say hi and get directions to the mountain village. Side note, my uncle bobby and his family are outrageous and crude usually. But this time, he was pretty low key. I think he was just tired. So, we left and continued towards the snow-less mountain. We went about 15 minutes, away from my uncle’s house and then we saw cars coming back with snow on the hoods. I was sooooo relieved; my date wouldnt be a flop afterall. We kept going higher and higher through mount Baldy and then it started to rain, hail, then snow. I have never seen snow fall and I have also never driven in the snow. I was so nervous, but I tried to contain myself as to not freak out Andrew. We parked the car and started our mini-adventure. It was amazing. The trees were covered in snow and it was white everywhere. sigh. We hiked for a little bit, threw snowballs, made a sordid snow angel, and a stumpy snowman. After those shenanigans,, we hiked to a cliff that overlooked a brook. Watching him catch snowflakes on his tongue made me feel good beyond words. Being there next to him in the snow made me forget about that one weekend. I felt great. I couldn’t help staring at him. It was just amazing to have him hold me and kiss me on that ledge as the snow fell on us. We went back to the car and warmed up, wink wink. We were famished so I tried to find a nice restaurant. We saw a sign for “Top Notch Restaurant-great scenic views and food.” I drove my poor mustang further up the mountain and grimaced through every sharp inclined turn. It turns out, the restaurant was at the top of the mountain; the only way to get there is to pay $25 a person for the ski lifts. So, we left and explored other options. On the way down, we saw a little snack cabin. We walked in and then walked out. It was really shady looking. The snack bar was in someone’s house, weird mountain people’s house… We left the snow and went back to my uncles. He made us sandwiches free of charge and we all watched golf. Oh, my aunt Yolanda (my uncle’s wife) forgot Andrews name and referred to him as “the other one.” God she is adorable, and forgets things easily. After all, she is like 74 years old. We drove back to his room and cuddled for a while and then fell asleep. It was the best nap I’ve ever had.

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