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  • Crushed

    Wow, so this last night didn’t go at all as planned. When I was getting off the plane, I was so nervous to see Chris. I was physically shaking and sweating and getting so excited to see him. I just wnated to drop everything and throw my arms around him and hug him so tight. […]

  • Confused

    I’m so confused lately. But now it’s not about me. It’s about him. For probably the past 5-6 days/nights, I’ve been feeling the same. The same. As in, feeling the same thing everyday, and not flip flopping all the time. It feels good, it feels nice, and I like it a lot. But suddenly it […]

  • What The Hell

    He was totally annoying me on the phone for some reason, yet when he said he had to go, I didn’t want him to. What the hell’s going on? Why do I feel the way I do… jealousy, remorse…. who the hells knows? Am I upset b/c it seems like he’s moving on? The answer […]

  • Just for you

    Ok, here’s the update FINALLY. It probably won’t be as long as you’d like honey. Don’t hate me!! 🙂 Well, the week before Chris came I did a lot of thinking. Mainly at work, since I sit there and think and do nothing else. What did I think about? Well, I wantd to give Chris […]

  • Together we stand, Divided we Fall

    Ok, here’s the big spring break update. I’ll just break it up into days to make it easier on everyone. NOw hopefully I can even remember what I did. Friday: Work sucked, and Alicia and I took a long (like 1/2 hour) break to get some coffee and go to the bank. I talked most […]