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  • A boundary crossed

    I was already having a bad day, and we had already fought once. We had gotten snappy with each other before, and said some mean things.. but I NEVER… NEVER thought he would say it to me. Chris: I ask you what’s wrong, you get mad, I tell you I can’t talk You get mad. […]

  • Deep thoughts

    I love you. That’s the best way to explain things. It’s the best, and most simplest way to try and tell you how I feel about you. I love you. Lately, I haven’t been there for you. I haven’t been able to make time for you. I couldn’t get you a card on time for […]

  • Time

    I’m sorry it appears as though I don’t have any time for you. But I can’t seem to find it. I can’t even find time for myself, let alone other people. I still care about you immensely and wish you were here to hug me, kiss me, and tell me to suck it up and […]

  • So I’m not entirely what to say in this private update. The making out thing. I understand where Chris is coming from. Because sometimes I want to make out with other people too. And I know that I have made out with several other people before, but now it’s different. It’s like.. I just want […]

  • And here it is..

    The update about what happened yesterday. Which was nothing good. It was pretty much a rollercoaster ride…unfortunately it only had a slight uphill track, and a long and steep downhill one. So yeah we all decided we were gonna drink as a big end of the year thing like yay we did it, our first […]