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  • We had it again. The same fucking fight. The same fucking fight we have every single fucking time I bring up hanging out w/ Rach, Kt, or Court without him. It’s so stupid… so fucking stupid. I understand where he’s coming from. But they are not evil bitches out to intentionally not invite him and […]

  • A private update?

    Well, something upset me today. In reading Chris’ journal from 2 years ago, I got upset with the stuff he had about Adam. Allt his stuff about being together forever.. pushing Arizona back to 2007…. talking about how great he is. ANd int he old journals, he always talks about how great Adam is, and […]

  • Private Post

    Know how sometimes you scream at the person you love more than anything for over an hour? Yeah.. I know how it goes. Unfortunately. Chris and I have been fighting a lot lately. It really makes me sad… as I explained to him, every day I go to sleep after we fight, wake up the […]

  • Ok, so I’m having a bad night. I miss Topher so bad…. everyone left my room (didn’t ask me to come w/… but that’s another story) and I started listening to sad music… it wasn’t long before the pics came out, and I started crying. I had living like this. I feel isolated here. I […]

  • what do i dooooo???

    Ok, everyone give me some help. When I got back to my dorm room, there were messages from Chris saying to call him ASAP. I was wondering what was up, so I called. He finally told me what the deal was. He said that he found a flight for 196 on ATA airlines. He said […]