what do i dooooo???

Ok, everyone give me some help.

When I got back to my dorm room, there were messages from Chris saying to call him ASAP. I was wondering what was up, so I called. He finally told me what the deal was.

He said that he found a flight for 196 on ATA airlines. He said that if I book it and pay for the whole flight, he will pay for all the gas to get to Chicago (where the flight goes) and also pay for any food that we have that weekend. Now… this is like an offer I can’t refuse you know? I don’t even know why I’m deliberating it. I want to see him again so bad. I just talked to my Mom about it and she asked if I needed any money or anything, and I said yes, I do, I want to take this flight and does she want to help? So she said she will “try” to send me some money. What that means is that she most likely won’t. Now I understand that we are hurting for money and stuff… but I mean honestly, she didn’t even pay for my books, which was 500. And I didn’t complain about that at all. Now I’m just asking for maybe 100-150 dollars so that I can fly home b/c I miss it. I really hope she comes through. Because I need to book it soon before the price changes.

So here’s my last ditch plea effort– If there is ANYONE who would like to help me get to Iowa, help the two cutest gay boys in the world reunite for a few days, help me see my friends, PLEASE let me know. Any and all contributions would be totally welcome!! 5, 10, 15, 20 bucks… if even just a few people contribute, it will make this trip a reality. As if that wasn’t desperate enough, I’m going to call Dana today to see if his roomie can still get me the WF job… and I’m going to apply at… Starbucks *hides head in shame* I know I know I know. But I want to take this trip so much that I am willing to put my moral conscience aside.

Leave me messages if you want to help.
Thanks in advance everyone, wish me luck on the jobs!

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