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  • Ok well here is a bit more indepth update about what’s going on. Though there really isn’t much to say. The basic gist is that I miss Chris a lot. A whole hell of a freaking lot. I really wanted to go visit again but then he said that it wouldn’t work out. I was […]

  • I really miss Topher man. being with him again made me see that. I’m not sure I can last until Xmas. I want to go to him. I want to work out a way to come back again. I suppose I might have to just bear it and see what Mother will do for me. […]

  • Took Me Long Enough

    So here’s an update for Chris, since I know that he has been anxiously awaiting one. Ok, well as soon as I walked in, I was just completely floored. I had no idea what it would be like to see him again, but it was a million times better than what I had hoped for. […]

  • but i miss you when you’re gone…

    Whew….. So it’s been a pretty crazy couple of days. Ok, let’s recap.. It all began about 2 weeks ago. I was sitting in the library and randomly decided that I felt like going back to Iowa to see everyone b/c I missed them all. So that day and night I looked for some good […]

  • Scared

    For some reason, I’m very scared that something is wrong with Chris. The more I sit and think about it, the more I think that something has gone awry. I hope that isn’t the case… If he can just hold out until it gets there.. he will be happy, I swear. Just hold out Topher.. […]