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  • Old LA Zoo – Griffith Park

    This past weekend, Constantine and I set out to go exploring a few different abandoned areas of Los Angeles, we started out with the one we thought would be the easiest to find and sure enough it was. The Old LA Zoo first opened in Griffith Park in 1913, the zoo didn’t do very good […]

  • Old LA Zoo and Nazi Camps!

    What a weekend! Been very very busy! Friday afternoon was just a gorgeous day here in LA! I got out of work and it was 77 degrees so I came home and did a quick 10 mile bike ride. It’s been SOO long since I’ve been on my bike! It felt great to get back […]

  • Down on YOU in a Theater!

    Wow, what a weekend! So, Friday afternoon Constantine came over and we watched Boy Culture. It was a pretty good gay movie really. Not as horrible as most. After that we went out to Boys Room in Long Beach with Jason and Mok. It was one crazy night there. Lots of insane boys in LB […]

  • Line-Item Veto

    Ok, why are Republicans so stupid!… “The Senate’s high-profile ethics and lobbying reform bill was sidetracked yesterday after conservatives voted against further consideration of the bill because it didn’t include an amendment giving President Bush line-item veto power, the ability to single out individual spending items in legislation for elimination. Umm, last I checked Line-Item […]

  • Bank Account

    Usually I’m really anal about my bank account, checking it every day, putting in descriptions of what the purchase was for, etc. But this week I have been way to pre-occupied with other stuff. So I go and check it today.. There’s seriously almost $2,000 more dollars in there then there should be! I’m a […]