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  • Old LA Zoo and Nazi Camps!

    What a weekend! Been very very busy! Friday afternoon was just a gorgeous day here in LA! I got out of work and it was 77 degrees so I came home and did a quick 10 mile bike ride. It’s been SOO long since I’ve been on my bike! It felt great to get back […]

  • Fire in Hollywood!!!

    In case you hadn’t heard, there was a HUGE fire in Hollywood yesterday. We could see it from our office in Santa Monica. I waned to go hit up some pics, but traffic was SOOO HORRIBLE at 2 already. So I just snagged some off flickr. You can check them out here. It was pretty […]

  • Compensation…

    Ok, another really long and busy weekend! Lets see…. Friday I went out to dinner with Hector and like 8 of his girls. Very awk at times, but it was fun. It snowed at The Grove which was cute! I loved it. He was very nice, but honestly I hated the girls we were with. […]

  • Ohh. The days of AOL..

    Oh, how I remember the days of AOL chat rooms: How’s everyone like the new Theme? Still some work to do on it. I’m thinking of adding another layer/color to under each post. The clock is coming along amazingly! I have the hour sections done now. One of the three boards is completely done, the […]

  • I haven’t seen this time…

    What a busy busy weekend. Lets see. So Friday morning I had a meeting with the CEO at 6am. He basically dumped a huge project in my lap. Something another guy had been working on. The CEO wasn’t happy with his layout/colors. So he handed it over to me. We all know that I am […]