Old LA Zoo and Nazi Camps!

What a weekend! Been very very busy!

Friday afternoon was just a gorgeous day here in LA! I got out of work and it was 77 degrees so I came home and did a quick 10 mile bike ride. It’s been SOO long since I’ve been on my bike! It felt great to get back out there. I sure hope this summer brings a lot more biking! The new chain was working great, on Tuesday I am hoping to try and get it out so I can do some hill climbing to see how the chain holds there.

Friday night we went out with a bunch of Constantine’s co-workers to the Grove in Orange. The thing said to be there by 7:30 because we were eating at 8. Well we got there at 8 and we weren’t going to get into the restaurant till 9:30! Thankfully the birthday girl pulled some strings and got us a table earlier which we had drinks and stuff at. Then when our real table opened up we went there. It was at Koji’s Shabu-Shabu. I didn’t really like the place, but I really enjoyed meeting his co-workers and stuff. Sadly we were both very tired so after dinner we came home and missed the bowling fun.

Saturday morning we got up and went to the Old LA Zoo, which I’ll write about in a separate post. But it was lots of fun. After that we we spent HOURs looking for the right birthday gift for Jason and still did not find what we wanted. We know exactly what we want, just can’t find one that we like. Stopped at the pet store for a minute to play with the puppies and ended up buying my cats a new comb. Soooo after the shopping we came home and had a good clean fun of brushing the cats! What a MESS! Oh my god!

Saturday night we headed up to the valley and hung out with Constantine’s friend Tal. He’s a really cool guy and we watched The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T.. Which is a really messed up movie but I thought it was funny! If only I was a person who got high. Then it’d be really funny! Anyways, Tal and I discussed biking and hopefully this summer he and I can go biking some!

Sunday morning we got up early and headed up to the Nazi camp in Rustic Canyon (again, I’ll write about this later). We hurried home from there and then showered and headed to a recital thing which was put on by one of Constantine’s friends. Really good, one guy, Andrew, wrote one of his own songs and it was really good. I just wish he had told us all the lyrics!

We got home from that about 5 and then const left. It was really nice to FINALLY meet some of the people in his life! Now if only I could see the inside of his HOUSE! 🙂

Next weekend we are going to NAPA! So PLEASE tell me where good places to go are that are not crazy expensive!!!!

Fire in Hollywood!!!

In case you hadn’t heard, there was a HUGE fire in Hollywood yesterday. We could see it from our office in Santa Monica. I waned to go hit up some pics, but traffic was SOOO HORRIBLE at 2 already. So I just snagged some off flickr. You can check them out here. It was pretty cool.

Then today I got up early and headed out to Valencia for another Century ride. It was pretty good. 105 miles in 5.5 hours. We really cranked it along. The funny thing is. I feel like I could go out and do some more! Met up with both Nick and Daniel on the ride, so that was fun. Went through a lot of Orange groves and stuff so it was really pretty. I didn’t get as many pics as I would have liked, but the ones I did get are here.

Ben is going to be coming over later sometime. I’m looking forward to that.

Not much else going on. I had thought of something to write about last night, but now can’t remember it. I’m going to go lay down! Night!

Edit:// I remembered one other thing. Yesterday was SOOO BUSY! I got 1,032 e-mails!!! WTF!?!?

Edit2:// I also remembered I wanted to mention the temps today.

7:00am@Start: 47 Degrees.

9:30am@Second Rest Stop: 72

11:30am@Lunch: 63

1:45pm@Third Rest Stop: 98 degrees

3:30pm @End: 87 degrees.

Lets just say that anything over 75 is WAY too hot to be biking in!


Ok, another really long and busy weekend!

Lets see…. Friday I went out to dinner with Hector and like 8 of his girls. Very awk at times, but it was fun. It snowed at The Grove which was cute! I loved it. He was very nice, but honestly I hated the girls we were with. I also felt a bit left out at times cause they kept talking about school work and all this stuff that was just so 2 years ago for me! haha. Hopefully he and I can hang out again soon though. Chiba was mad at me for going out though. 🙁

Guerrilla Gay Bar was TONS of fun that night though, the place was SO PACKED that you couldn’t move at all. But it was still great. The crowd was Sooooo different then the typical WeHo group, so that was really nice. Just wish I had talked to more of the people there.

Left about midnight because I was tired, from being up since 3:30am, and plus it was just getting tooo crowded in there. Called Chiba and we talked for a bit. Got home and just crashed.

Got up at 6am Saturday and did a couple hours of work. Went off and did laundry. I always stop at Albertson’s on my way to buy some quarters, the same one that I buy ALL my groceries from. I always get two rolls, never had ANY problem before geting these. I buy a bagel, a thing of milk and get $20 in quarters. This time, i’m told they can only give me ONE roll, it’s always been this way. They never give out more then one roll. Very annoying. So I go across the street to Wells Fargo and since I’m not a fucking customer there they CHARGE me $2 to buy a fucking roll of quarters! EXCUSE ME!? WTF! Fuckers. Yet another reason why I hate banks! Sadly today I have to go to one to talk about a home loan!

So anyways, I go and do my laundry, come home and put the laundry down and then get side tracked with about 10 other projects. First I finished the clock, then I cleaned out my closets and then I cleaned my apartment and did some other stuff and then finially got around to putting the laundry away. Did I mention that I SMASHED my finger in there too?? Ouch!

By the time I was done with all this it was late, so I loaded my bike in the car and went to bed.

Sunday I got up, and went biking. Long ass ride, froze my ass off. But it was good to get back out there, we went up and over Sepulveda into the valley again. Went to the gym after and showered and then headed over to Chiba’s for lunch. I got there and he tells me that he’s already had lunch, but he told me he hadn’t so that I would come. lol. What a strange one. So we went out to lunch and then went and got him ice cream. I stayed for awhile and we talked.. Apparently this guy he dated back in the summer is coming to visit him (from Germany) for a couple weeks over christmas/new years… And he wanted to see how I felt about it… Honstly. I’m a bit annoyed, but on the account that this has been in plans since long before I met him, and the fact that we’re not exclusively seeing each other I suppose it’s fine. But since he will be AT his apartment the whole time, that A) means they will probably be fucking, B) means that I won’t have any time to see him. Just a bit annoying. Not that he and I are fucking currently anyways. Ok. I’m clearly not getting my point across.

Do you all remember the post a while back where I put the picture of the car that was totally smashed when it was parked on Pacific Cost Highway… Anyways. While I was driving to the bike ride I saw one MUCH worse… Someone had rear ended an SUV that was parked along Hawthorne, pushed that car into the car infront of it, and then pshed that car into the car infront of IT and pushed that one into the one infront of IT! So there were a total of 5 cars in the accident, only one of them had a driver! The first SUV was basicallyl FLAT. Whoever did that had to have been FLYING down hawthorne blvd.

As many of you know, I’ve been taking on any extra jobs I can get… So I’ve been looking on Craigslist mostly. It amazes me what these people are offering to pay for things. Some of it very complicated stuff that they are like. “$10/hr” or something as equally horrible! I really just want to reply to all these idiots and tell them they aren’t going to get someone _good_ to do it for that cheap!

Anyways. I’m off now to call some realtors and the like.


PS.. I thought this was cute:

Ohh. The days of AOL..

Oh, how I remember the days of AOL chat rooms:

How’s everyone like the new Theme? Still some work to do on it. I’m thinking of adding another layer/color to under each post.

The clock is coming along amazingly! I have the hour sections done now. One of the three boards is completely done, the second is nearly done and should be completed by tonight. The last one only requires a few more things to be 50% done. I’m Soooo happy with the way it’s coming out now. I’ll probably spend part of saturday trying to come up with a way to mount the boards so they aren’t just flopping all over the place. I’ve got pictures and video that I’ll post when it’s all done!

I’m trying to get a group of people together to go out tonight, the group that I mentioned in the last post is taking over a bar at the Grove, it sounds like tons of fun! But not having very good luck with it. Perhaps I’ll just spend another lonely night home alone with the cats.

Speaking of, this weekend marks my 2 year anniversary with the kitties. At least something in my life lasts!

Talked to my dad today, I’ve got to make an appointment with a realtor while I am back in Iowa. Probably the 21st, I’ve been finding some really good looking places in WDM, Waukee, etc. So yeah, we’ll be looking at those.

I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to figure out management situations. I figure I can do the management from here, and just hire someone when I need a movein/out situation. But I’m not sure. That means that I’d still be on for any emergencies, etc. So I started looking into full time PMs today, 10% cut for most of them, plus expenses. We’ll see what comes of it. I did a google search for “pre-approved loans” and the first site that came up with Jay’s company. Wouldn’t it be funny if I applied and got him as my guy. lol. Not really, but whatever.

I went biking yesterday. Did a good 35 miles up past Mothers Beach and back. It’s a good thing I bought arm warmers the other day, as they came in very handy. It was 56 by the time I got home.

Haven’t heard from Chiba since Wed… I called him yesterday and txted him but no reply as of yet. Wondering if this is another disappearing boy case. I can’t even keep onto the ones that I’m not 100% into, but at least like enough to see where it goes! UGH! Perhaps he’ll call later.

OH! One of the guys that we ran into last Friday at The Abbey finially contacted me again. That was a wierd conversation. But at least I know he doesn’t hate me! haha.

Ok, adios!

I haven’t seen this time…

What a busy busy weekend.

Lets see. So Friday morning I had a meeting with the CEO at 6am. He basically dumped a huge project in my lap. Something another guy had been working on. The CEO wasn’t happy with his layout/colors. So he handed it over to me. We all know that I am NOT a good color picker… Look at the colors on here! So he sent me what the other guy had done. I thought it was pretty damn good. Just a few color things here and there that were pretty bad. But workable over all.

So I spent about 9 hours Friday picking colors, designing layouts, playing with graphics and fonts and all that stuff. Came up with something I’m pretty happy about. I sent an e-mail off to the CEO about 7pm that night asking for intial feedback.

Friday night I went out with Andrew and Chiba. Andrew and I got there about 2 hours before Chiba did, cause he was working. Had a really good time just hanging out at the Abbey and chatting and checking out guys. I saw three people that I really didn’t want to see. And LOTs of hot boys that I would have loved to have talked too.

Chiba got there and we stayed till 2am. After that we went to this pizza place where I ran into another person who was obviously trying to pretend like he didn’t know me. So I made us leave. We ended up at iHop! Yum yum. We were there till about 3:30am and then came home. What a long night! I haven’t seen 4am in a really long time!

Chiba was cute. He’s being very “boyfriendy” already, which I’m not sure if I like or not yet. lol. He’s nice, he’s cute… he’s still in college. (Just starting, he is 23, just moved to the US a year ago…). I see a lot of Jon-Jon in him, not the bad things of Jon-Jon, but the way that he acts towards me. I shall continue to hang out with him and see what happens… But I will also continue going out with other people. I have two tentative dates lined up with some 30-year-olds this week (and I mean, 30), and a second date with Bryan (if we can both fit it in).

So Saturday Andrew and I got up, and the museum that he came here to go to was closed. So we were going to go rent this movie. Movie store didn’t have it. We ended up getting An Inconvenient Truth. It was good, but I wasn’t expecting to just sit there and listen to Al Gore talk for 1.5 hours.

Andrew left, the CEO got back to me with “Looks Great” and then a few very minor wording changes. No graphics, color or layout changes. So that’s excellent news. I really wish I could show it off. But this is a “DL” project. haha. I _love_ the name of it though!

Since I was in a clear design phase, I started working on a new layout for this site. I am LOVING it so far. Just gotta figure out some of the logistics of it. It’s very stolen, but it’s amazing. Let me tell you. Hopefully I can stay in this grove and get it done ASAP.

I just heard from the neighboor that the sex guy upstairs is moving out!

Chiba called and wanted me to come hang out with him. I turned him down and told him maybe Sunday as I was supposed to have a meeting with my EE again. But I never heard back from him in time. So I headed over to Pasadena about 1ish. Got there and Chiba was out playing tennis with some friends, so I tried to find the park and got very lost in the process. Eventually found it and watched them do that.

After that we went out to this Brazilian restaurant. Very yummy food. From there we went back to his place and watched memoirs of a geisha. Very good movie, although I was a bit confused about it all. Probably because we kept making out. hah.

I got home about 10ish and went right to bed.

Today is work work work. And lunch with Jess.