Ok, another really long and busy weekend!

Lets see…. Friday I went out to dinner with Hector and like 8 of his girls. Very awk at times, but it was fun. It snowed at The Grove which was cute! I loved it. He was very nice, but honestly I hated the girls we were with. I also felt a bit left out at times cause they kept talking about school work and all this stuff that was just so 2 years ago for me! haha. Hopefully he and I can hang out again soon though. Chiba was mad at me for going out though. 🙁

Guerrilla Gay Bar was TONS of fun that night though, the place was SO PACKED that you couldn’t move at all. But it was still great. The crowd was Sooooo different then the typical WeHo group, so that was really nice. Just wish I had talked to more of the people there.

Left about midnight because I was tired, from being up since 3:30am, and plus it was just getting tooo crowded in there. Called Chiba and we talked for a bit. Got home and just crashed.

Got up at 6am Saturday and did a couple hours of work. Went off and did laundry. I always stop at Albertson’s on my way to buy some quarters, the same one that I buy ALL my groceries from. I always get two rolls, never had ANY problem before geting these. I buy a bagel, a thing of milk and get $20 in quarters. This time, i’m told they can only give me ONE roll, it’s always been this way. They never give out more then one roll. Very annoying. So I go across the street to Wells Fargo and since I’m not a fucking customer there they CHARGE me $2 to buy a fucking roll of quarters! EXCUSE ME!? WTF! Fuckers. Yet another reason why I hate banks! Sadly today I have to go to one to talk about a home loan!

So anyways, I go and do my laundry, come home and put the laundry down and then get side tracked with about 10 other projects. First I finished the clock, then I cleaned out my closets and then I cleaned my apartment and did some other stuff and then finially got around to putting the laundry away. Did I mention that I SMASHED my finger in there too?? Ouch!

By the time I was done with all this it was late, so I loaded my bike in the car and went to bed.

Sunday I got up, and went biking. Long ass ride, froze my ass off. But it was good to get back out there, we went up and over Sepulveda into the valley again. Went to the gym after and showered and then headed over to Chiba’s for lunch. I got there and he tells me that he’s already had lunch, but he told me he hadn’t so that I would come. lol. What a strange one. So we went out to lunch and then went and got him ice cream. I stayed for awhile and we talked.. Apparently this guy he dated back in the summer is coming to visit him (from Germany) for a couple weeks over christmas/new years… And he wanted to see how I felt about it… Honstly. I’m a bit annoyed, but on the account that this has been in plans since long before I met him, and the fact that we’re not exclusively seeing each other I suppose it’s fine. But since he will be AT his apartment the whole time, that A) means they will probably be fucking, B) means that I won’t have any time to see him. Just a bit annoying. Not that he and I are fucking currently anyways. Ok. I’m clearly not getting my point across.

Do you all remember the post a while back where I put the picture of the car that was totally smashed when it was parked on Pacific Cost Highway… Anyways. While I was driving to the bike ride I saw one MUCH worse… Someone had rear ended an SUV that was parked along Hawthorne, pushed that car into the car infront of it, and then pshed that car into the car infront of IT and pushed that one into the one infront of IT! So there were a total of 5 cars in the accident, only one of them had a driver! The first SUV was basicallyl FLAT. Whoever did that had to have been FLYING down hawthorne blvd.

As many of you know, I’ve been taking on any extra jobs I can get… So I’ve been looking on Craigslist mostly. It amazes me what these people are offering to pay for things. Some of it very complicated stuff that they are like. “$10/hr” or something as equally horrible! I really just want to reply to all these idiots and tell them they aren’t going to get someone _good_ to do it for that cheap!

Anyways. I’m off now to call some realtors and the like.


PS.. I thought this was cute:

4 responses to “Compensation…”

  1. A lot of grocery stores do that around the Xmas season. So many parents go out and buy rolls of quarters to give to their college kids for laundry that the stores put a limit on it so that they dont run out (cause hey, they need the rolls too so they can make change for purchases).

    I’m so happy I have my own washer and dryer in my apartment.

  2. It probably is policy, they just don’t enforce it so much during the rest of the year. They told me it was policy when I needed them when I was still in Bensenville, but the lady behind the counter was nice enough to actually tell me what was going on.

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