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The right house…

So, the search if off and going now. Officially.

However, it has not been an easy trail already! I figured the hardest part would be the financing, finding a realtor and getting in to see places would be easy right? These people make their living off of selling houses. They’ll call me back in two seconds. Not the case.

As previously stated, I was going to jus call up Bish. I’ve had a friendly relationship with him for a year while I was dating Adam. Although after that I didn’t talk to him, I assumed that he’d still be on friendly terms with me. Afterall, what did I do to him? Nothing! So I called him. Three times, never once did I get an answer. I left a voicemail, no call back. I sent him an e-mail via the Iowa Realty site. No calls. I’ve left messages for a few others as well, and still nothing!

These people want to sell houses, right? So why do they not return calls. The housing market is cooling off, I shouldn’t have to be tracking down and stalking these people to be their customer. They should be coming after me!

I’m getting the same run around with people in the mortgage industry! I figured I’d start with some local banks, so that I could go in and talk to them and get the full run down of what I needed to do. I don’t want to go around to a bunch of places and get “pre-approved” and have that ruin my credit score because they are checking my report and what not… So yesterday I called about 5 places here in the South-Bay area. WaMu, Citibank, places like this. I call and tell them that I am wanting to purchase an investment property and would like to make an appointment with someone to come in and talk to them. They all say. “I will tranfser you”.. Transfer, Voice mail… I leave a message.

Do you think a single one of these people has called me back? NOT ONE! Not a god damn one of them. Don’t these people want to sell a fucking mortgage? What is wrong with them! So on my way home I am driving by a US Bank and just stop in. I talk to a very nice woman who clearly has no idea what she is doing, but takes my business card and PROMISES that someone will call me back before EOB. Did anyone call? NO.

What happened to banks where you can’t get fucking service worth shit. Seriously, I’ve got EXCELLENT credit, I’m a great credit risk. Why don’t these people want to loan to me!

So this morning I go online to start looking for places. E-loan, DiTech, CountryWide, etc. I decide that I want to stay away from County Wide, due to my previous experience with some of thier employees. So I check out, they of course say that CountryWide is my best bet. So I put in a thing to have someone call me.. I’m still waiting.

So then I decide to go the route. I go through that and put in all the information. Within 15 minutes i’ve got 5 calls. I take the first one, and it’s a really nice guy from First Meridian Mortgage. He’s very helpful and gives me all the information I need and we talk though it all. Since i know my credit score he can easily pre-qualify me and get me the interest and all that information without running a credit report. Then if I decide to go with them I’ll have to do the Credit report, etc.

Next up, I return a call from Amerisave. Woman tells me they can’t do anythinbg without running a Credit report. NO thanks!

So then I return a call from this guy in Town Financial Corp. He just sounded stupid, and did’t really give me any information that I was asking for and just kept going around and around as if he were reading script. I told him he wasn’t very good at selling his products and hung up on him. Idiot.

This is just such a headache! Why do they have to make this process so god damn hard and annoying.

Just you wait till I get around to bitching about the closing costs!

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Not much on my mind right now, but it is not important. I have just been letting everything happen without me. I just do not have anything to say right now.

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