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Chiba’s Date

So the last two days have been pretty damn good. I honestly am having troubles remembering it all cause there was so much to write about!

So lets see. Tuesday I got home from my bike ride and was online talking to Chiba. He suggested I come and stay the night and then hang out all day Wed. I have two sick days that I need to use up or lose, so I decided to go for it. He was heading out to dinner with his friends and said to meet him there at 9:30.

I leave my place at 8:50, and txt message him that I’m on my way… Get to his place at 9:32 and call him. He’s STILL at the resturant. “Just leaving”. I said I’ll wait. I wait 30 minutes, still not there. I txt him that I’m leaving in 5 minutes if I don’t hear from him. He calls and says that he’s sorry he got tied up talking to this teacher person he was at dinner with and that he’s on his way. He didn’t get there till 10:30 and I was pretty damn pissed.

So we headed out to Falcon’s Lair in LA. Talk about Hollywood, this place was the epitome of Hollywood. Perfect boys, perfect hair, perfect everything. I felt so out of place. Thankfully I had borrowed a jacket from Chiba, so I looked semi-cute. Throughout the night people kept pointing at me and talking though. Very strange.

We met and chatted with a few people there and that was cool. We also saw Allison Janney there and sat on the couch across from her for a while. I was very excited. We left there at nearly 2 and went to Ralphs and went grocery shopping. That was cute.

Drove back to his house and we were up till 5am talking and making out. I also introduced him to EggNog. He liked it!

Wed we got up about 11ish and hung around his house, ate lunch, talked some more, etc. Headed out to PCC so that he could register for classes and that was an absolute mess. AND I got a freaking parking ticket! UGH! $25 that I really don’t have right now.

Anyways, I got a little annoyed that we wasted the whole day doing that, but it’s understandable that he needed to get it done. Shiela and Beak called in there too and it was very confusing because everyone kept going on and on in the background and I was trying to drive and get directions all at the same time.

So we got done with that and then headed out on the date that I had planned. Got up to Griffith just in time for the last bus, so that was good. Thank god we were on time for something!

Griffith Observatory was GREAT! As always you can see the pictures on the photodump. We just walked around and saw all the exhibits and did the planatarium show and all that. The sunset over LA was amazing. The Smog was great too! 🙂

From there we headed out to Zencu Sushi in Little Tokyo. It was a nice area and the food was great. So that’s good.

Drove back to his house and dropped him off. He seemed to really enjoy the night. So that’s what I was really looking for!

This Germany guy comes today though. Which I’m really annoyed about. I guess they are going to be going places. He says so far they have only planned Santa Barbara, and that this guy has already said that they are going to be hanging out every minute that Chiba is not working! Very annoying. We shall see if I get to see him over the next 3 weeks then.

On the way home I took the 710S. I get to the 105, which is one of the exits I can take, it’s closed. No big deal. I usually take the 91 to the 110 as it gets me closer to my house. So I keep going, the 91 is closed!!! What! And with NO warning. You get up to the exit and it’s just closed off! So I think, not a problem, the 405 is just 2 more miles, I can go 405N to the 110S and it’s only about 6 miles out of the way… So I keep going, 405….. CLOSED!

WHO fucking closes EVERY MAJOR freeway interchange off of another freeway!? WHO!? So I ended up having to go ALL THE WAY to Long Beach, about 30 minutes out of the way and then back trace up PCH.. So fucking annoying, and there was NO WARNING. If there had been a warning I could have taken Rosecrans or one of the other small streets off the 710 over to the 405. UGH!

I got home about 10:30 and just crashed. Got up this morning, got into work and was reading through my e-mail for the last two days…. I have an e-mail from my landlord again.. “Have not received the rent per out last conversation due on the first.”

EXCUSE ME!? You GOT IT 2 WEEKS EARLY, on FUCKING NOVEMBER 20th! WHAT THE FUCKING HELL YOU STUPID SON OF A BITCH! So I e-mail him back the jpg copies of the cashed check that my bank puts online. We’ll see what this mother fucker has to say about that. DUMB FUCKING SHIT HEAD. WHat the fuck is wrong with him. And in our previous conversations, he NEVER said ANYTHING about not recieving any rent. Just that he got it on NOVEMBER 20th! DUMB MOTHER FUCKER.

I feel like I’m forgetting something. Oh well. Adios!

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