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Letter to Chiba

Dear Chiba,

This message might be a bit too much too soon, but with having the German here I want to get it out in the open. Otherwise I’ll just spend the next 3 weeks being pissed off and I don’t want that, and hopefully you don’t want that either.

Anyways… The point is that over the last couple months all my friends have said that I’m too stuck to the old-world ideals of exclusive dating, etc. So I was going to give casual dating a try. Well this clearly is not for me. I’m too much of the jealous type for casual dating to work for me.

I know that you said you have not yet had sex with the Daniel, I’m not sure if this includes making out, jacking off, blowjobs and the like. But I’m guessing by the time the three weeks is up that will happen with him.

In the long run. I’ve really enjoyed our time so far together, even thogh it’s been very short. To be honest you are not at all the type of person that I usually go for, but I’d like to continue to see where things go. I hate that this german guy is putting such a strain on this for me already as I’m not sure I can handle knowing that he’s sleeping in your bed everynight for the next three weeks and my mind just gets worse from there.

I realize that you had this planned for a while already, but I hope that you are honest with him and with me as to what’s going on. I don’t want to not see you for the next three weeks because he is dominating your time. I also don’t want to start an argument between he and you, or between you and I. I’m just wanting to let you know my feelings before they do amasse into an anger situation.

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