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  • Lighters, but not Water! And NO BAIL OUT!

    Ugh. This is going to be a ranting entry! First, Hillary Clinton! It’s so annoying how now her campaign is saying “We have MOMENTUM!” You won TWO major states in one day. That is NOT momentum! You’ve lost 11 in a ROW! Wining two is not that big of a deal! Sure, good job. You […]

  • Mint.com – Manage your money!

    A while ago, I stumbled upon a site called mint.com. I signed up for an account, but after that I was leary about submiting my personal info for all my banks to it. So I kept an eye on it and watched the forums. One of the guys here at the office told me he […]

  • American Airlines’ Reply

    So, after I got back from my trip, I sent American Airlines the following complaint: Hello, I am writing about my Flight on December 20 from LAX to DFW to DSM. My flight was supposed to get me to my home on the night of December 20th. However, I did not arrive until 2 days […]

  • American Airlines SUCKS!

    You will not believe the story I am about to tell you. I left LA at Noon on Thursday…. I got to my parents house at 4:30 on Saturday afternoon.. Where have I been you ask? Well, lets start at the begining. Got on the plane with no problems in LA, flew to Dallas and […]

  • Car Shopping

    Sooo, everyone knows I’ve been car shopping. I have been doing that for like the last 2-3 years! Well I’ve been at it again. It seems that everyone I know has either already gotten a new car, or is looking at getting one. And they all have WAY newer cars then mine already! So I […]