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  • Lighters, but not Water! And NO BAIL OUT!

    Ugh. This is going to be a ranting entry! First, Hillary Clinton! It’s so annoying how now her campaign is saying “We have MOMENTUM!” You won TWO major states in one day. That is NOT momentum! You’ve lost 11 in a ROW! Wining two is not that big of a deal! Sure, good job. You […]

  • I Just Saw Myself on SUZE ORMAN!

    Ok. I finally JUST got to see myself on the Suze Orman SHOW! Yay! First off, oh god. I sound horrible!! Is that what I really sound like?!!? Secondly. They did a lot of changes since from what I heard. When I was on the phone with her, she just said the whole “That’s really […]

  • Set your VCR, TiVO, MythBox, ETC!

    I’m finally going to be on the Suze Orman show! Be sure to watch this Saturday, July 28th – Suze Orman Show 9pm and midnight ET on CNBC. Check your local listings History of the issue can be found here!

  • Suze called me Boyfriend!!

    So I had my talk with Suze this morning. It was a little confusing as to what was going on. They really should explain it more. Three people came on the line before I even got to suze, and all they said is. “Is this so and so”. I didn’t get a chance to ask […]

  • Investment Mess!

    OMG. What a mess the last two days have been. I’m a member of the Profit Sharing here at my company. Back in Dec/05 I got my first payment. That same month, I quickly invested it all into various mutual funds. All three did fairly well. Two better then the others. I hadn’t touched them […]