Suze called me Boyfriend!!

So I had my talk with Suze this morning. It was a little confusing as to what was going on. They really should explain it more. Three people came on the line before I even got to suze, and all they said is. “Is this so and so”. I didn’t get a chance to ask when it was going to go on the air. But Suze was really cool and she even called me boyfriend! YAY! 🙂 I love you Suze Orman! She suggested I contact Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) and a lawyer. So I’ll be having to do that soon.

Sunday was a cold (59) and cloudy day. Great day to sit around the house and do nothing. But alas, I went out and did another 30 miles. Star Map Tour. I’ve done this ride a few times and it’s pretty easy except for one good climb (be sure to click the link and check ot the elevation maps!). I’m pretty damn sore today and I have a HORRIBLE farmers tan! We averaged just over 12mph. After the ride, JC, Tom, Will, Ran and I all went over to The Abbey and had brunch. It was really weird being in there in just biking shorts and what not. I felt like everyone was staring at us! lol.

So is it Dinner or Supper.. Here’s a really interesting article about the great debate. Personally it’s: Breakfast, Lunch and Supper. Except for weekends or holidays when it’s Breakfast, Dinner, Supper. 🙂

Sunday night my friend Manny came over and we hung out and chatted and watched a movie. Great night for movies with the rain and what not.

Ok, time for some work!

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