What’s going on?!

Stole this from Andy B

I really want one for my house! 🙂 How cool would that be!

So last night went out with Ben, Jason, Will, and JC again to Beige. It was an ok night. First we drive there and while waiting for Ben, I start to smell burning oil. But I don’t really think anything about it. On the way there I smell it even stronger. Once we got there, I checked under the hood and the oil cap was GONE! So I was nervous about that most of the night.

Plus things with Ben have been really awkward since we had that talk a while back. I just don’t know how to act around him any more, or what to say to him or anything. It’s just getting really frustrating. Even Jason mentioned how awk it was.

Either way, things lately in everything have been really annoying me. Just people in general. I’m tired of working, I’m tired of trying to always be the organizer for things. I’m sick of my “friends” going out and doing things and not inviting me. Etc. As I said the other day, I really think I just need a vacation.


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