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80 Mile ride

Well today I had my 80 mile ride. I feel like I could have kept going! And that’s a GREAT feeling!

Stats today:

78.5 miles

14.7 mph/avg

7,400 calories burned!

Lets Ride!

There were a couple really cute boys on this ride too! Cory, or was it Cody. Either way he was really cute, HUGE legs! He really reminded me of Austin though which was strange. Either way, JC called dibs. lol. Plus he lives in San Diego (Navy boy!). One of the others was this cute Asian boy. The last I was noticing throughout the whole ride. At the end of it, Cody, the Asian boy, JC, me and this older guy (in that order) were all sitting outside eating some pizza. The cute boy walks by and apparently knows the old guy, so he sits next to him. So it’s just one guy between me and the cute boy.

Earlier JC and I had been talking about how cute he was and stuff. The older guy CLEARLY had to have heard us, because he threw in some comments. Anyways, he introduced me to the cute boy, Levi. I said Hi and then went into uber shy mode. It was soooo annoying. I really wanted to talk to him, but I couldn’t. 🙁 JC talked to him more then I got to!

Anyways, I found him on myspace, so I’m going to message him later. Do you think that will be creepy?

30 mile ride tomorrow! But it should be pretty easy.

I’ve missed hanging out with Ben lately as well.


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