Lighters, but not Water! And NO BAIL OUT!

Ugh. This is going to be a ranting entry!

First, Hillary Clinton! It’s so annoying how now her campaign is saying “We have MOMENTUM!” You won TWO major states in one day. That is NOT momentum! You’ve lost 11 in a ROW! Wining two is not that big of a deal! Sure, good job. You won two major states in one day, but to go out and start proclaiming that you now have such great momentum. UGH! I hate this woman.

Second, I was going through security on Sunday at Hobby Airport in Houston. This guy walks up to the security guy next to me and asks. “So we can bring lighters on the plane now, right”… EXCUSE ME?! You can CARRY ON KNOWN EXPLOSIVES, but you STILL cannot bring on a sealed bottle of water! This is f’ing messed up! Great IDEA TSA! Lets allow people to carry on a flame creating device, but not WATER! I swear they hire the most retarded people they can find there. Then when you get up to the guy checking IDs there’s this HUGE blue box that looks like a high school shop student put together. The guy takes your ID and ticket and puts it into this blue box to check it… Umm? What I’m not allowed to see you verifying my name?

Third, I was watching CNN the other day and they were talking about all the different housing bail out proposals. These just really annoy me. Really. I am sorry that you and your 5 kids with no husband are being thrown out on your asses. Or that the white Newport Beach family who mortgaged their house 5 times so they could afford the Bentley and the new Mercedes for your sweet 16. But really. DO NOT USE MY TAX MONEY TO BAIL THESE PEOPLE OUT! They got themselves into this situation. Any IDIOT should have foreseen this coming. You cannot expect to live in a house by just paying interest on your mortgage. You cannot expect to get an ARM loan and NEVER have the interest rate increase. That’s the whole DEFINITION OF AN ARM LOAN! If these people weren’t smart enough to figure out that an ARM meant that there was the possibility of RAISING PAYMENTS then it’s their own fault that they can’t afford the house.

The same goes for idiots who used the equity in a house to buy material goods. You should NEVER EVER do this! Anyone with a half ounce of financial intelligence should know this. You home equity loan is a loan where if you default on payments the bank can seize your house (secured debt). If they had purchased the material goods with a credit card or other means (unsecured debt). They could default on the loans, perhaps get whatever they purchased repossessed and suffer a small setback on future credit. BUT THEY WOULD STILL HAVE THE HOUSE! Idiots.

Sleepy Weekend

Well, it’s been another boring yet long weekend. Friday, I can’t really remember what I did. I know I had lunch with this guy Geoff, and he was cool. Also did more Loan things, Country Wide finially got back to me, with an 8.5% interest rate! Bastards. So I think I’ll go with the first guy who called me with 6.5%. But we shall see. I’m just so scared of getting ripped off. Geoff gave me the name of this guy, so I’m going to call him too.

Saturday I got up and did a ton of stuff. I had a lunch meeting at this place called Clementine (VERY good food) and have some more contract work to do. So that’s exciting, after that I came home and did a bunch of other stuff. Ended up going out with Chiba that night. We went and saw Blood Diamond. After that we went out to dinner for him and just hung out and talked. I got home about 4am and went to bed.

Sunday morning I woke up about 10am and was going to go on a bike ride, but it was FREEZING. So I laid down on the couch for a little bit and was going to go biking at 1 when it was warmer… I didn’t wake up again till 3:30pm. 🙁 Opps. So Sunday was pretty much completly wasted. Got up and made dinner. Chiba called in there and said he was going to go to Weho to meet some friends and asked if I wanted to meet him there. So I went off to Weho and we hung out again. Apparently Daniel (germany boy) moved out. lol. So that’s good news. 🙂 Chiba and I went out to dinner and talked for a while, so that was nice. I left after that and he and his friends went to The Abbey.

I can’t believe we are only 7 days from Christmas! I’m so excited. I leave Wed night and I have to pack and everything yet. I haven’t done anything yet! I think the plan is that on Wed after work I am going to go and drop my car off in Pomona @ David’s and he is going to fix it while I am gone. Chiba is going to drive me to the airport. Then on Wed when I get back Chiba will pick me up and we will go pick up my car. Hopefully this will all work out!

Have I mentioned how fucking cold it is here?!


Number 8

Well, Brokeback Mount opened at number 8 this weekend. Which is pretty good. I’m glad that it did so well.

Since I’ve been sick for like 5 days, I spent a lot of time planning invetstments for the next year. I’m really torn between what I should do with my money for next year. If all works out right, I’ll have about $20k to invest places. That is assuming I don’t buy a new car. But even if I do buy a new car, I’ve been thinking tha tmaybe I should still invest like $10k and use $10k for the down. That way I can build some credit since I’ve never had a car loan.

Anyways, I’m torn between what to invest in. I’d really like to get some physical real estate under my belt. But since I can’t afford a house here, that would mean buying a house somewhere else and renting it out, or buying land up and just holding it for a while. I’m not really sure I’m ready for the whole landlord shit. I know what my dad went through with that. It can be hellish. Unless you hire a management company, but then your profits take a hit from that. And if I’m only going to have one or two places, then it’s a big thing. Land would be good, but where, and what. I’d have to find land that would go up enough to compenstate for the interest rates and tax charges, etc. Land values nationwide are expected to climb 6% next year, which wouldn’t cover the interest or tax rates.

I did however find a nice 700 acre spot in western Montana at about $500 an acre, and if you know anything about me, you should know that I want to retire to a nice big ranch in Montana. Though, I’m guessing that it’s not the most pristine area. I just think it’d be fun to say that I own 700 acres! haha.

The other option is of course the stock market. But then to choose betwen actual stocks, and mutual/bond funds, etc. Blah, so much to do, and so little money to do it with!

Last night’s family guy and simpsons were very entertaining.

I have only 100 pages left to “The Confusion” Yay!

Tonight’s the Company party. Umm, Yep. I was thinking last night and on the whole 7th floor, I’m the ONLY single boy here now! MH just went to Pakistan and married his wife. So I’m the only single person left. 🙁 And I can only think of one or two people on the 15th that are single. Blah! Blake, why can’t you come?! Get your ass down here. lol

And that’s about it, adios!


So I just went to get food and found this on my car:

Reason #158 Why I Hate Children.

And yes that is the layer of dirt on my car. You’d be surprised how hard it is to keep a car clean in the OC… and I thought Iowa Winters were bad.. I’d rather have my car coated in white then the shit we get out here… At least in Iowa it looks like you just have a white car, not that it’s dirty.

Anyways… I should get an NRA sticker for my car (Yes I am member, not sure who signed me up)… One of those sassy ones. I like the one my grandpa has.. I just can’t remember what it says.

Also got this in my e-mail today:

More and more of Americans’ income is being applied to debt. According to the Federal Reserve (, the household debt service ratio (the ratio of debt payments to after-tax income) hit a record high of 13.4% in the first quarter of this year.

This increase is a cause for concern. By committing such a large proportion of one’s income to make payments on past expenditures one is not going to be able to save for future goals, e.g., house, emergency fund, education for children, or retirement.

Americans now owe approximately $11 trillion, nearly double what was owed just a decade ago. Total household debt grew 11.2% in 2004. This is the largest year-to-year increase since 1986 (Spors, 2005). Much of the growth in debt can be attributed to Americans taking out large mortgages and home equity loans. Many homeowners have justified their low-down payment mortgage with high monthly payments as housing prices have escalated. Also, there has been an increase in homeowners who have obtained a home equity loan to pay off other debt. Were housing prices to slow or decline, it is possible individuals may owe more than their home is worth.

Individuals with an adjustable rate mortgage may experience difficulty in meeting mortgage payments if interest rates were to increase. For example, a $928 payment on a 5% mortgage would increase to $1,093 for a 6.5% loan. This would be an 18% increase in one’s mortgage payment.

Individuals need to realistically look at their debt commitment. By having high debt payments and a low emergency fund, individuals will face financial difficulties were there to be an illness or loss of job.

I’m so glad that 0% of my income goes toward debit! 😀 I’m so good.

Fuck you stupid Americans. You’re killing us all!

I’m very red and burnt.

It also annoys me when people call me as soon as something goes wrong, instead of simply IMing the people who are STILL IN THE OFFICE and thus are PROBABLY the ones RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT’S GOING WRONG. HELLO. I AM SLEEPING! GO AWAY.

Did I mention the hottest boy in the world was at the pool today! Long black hair, perfectly flat body, Rarr… God I couldn’t stop staring.

I’m enjoying this weather. Not looking forward to the 105 temps of Iowa though… My bedroom is always the same temp as the out side. I think I’ll be sleeping in the basement when I go home in august.