Number 8

Well, Brokeback Mount opened at number 8 this weekend. Which is pretty good. I’m glad that it did so well.

Since I’ve been sick for like 5 days, I spent a lot of time planning invetstments for the next year. I’m really torn between what I should do with my money for next year. If all works out right, I’ll have about $20k to invest places. That is assuming I don’t buy a new car. But even if I do buy a new car, I’ve been thinking tha tmaybe I should still invest like $10k and use $10k for the down. That way I can build some credit since I’ve never had a car loan.

Anyways, I’m torn between what to invest in. I’d really like to get some physical real estate under my belt. But since I can’t afford a house here, that would mean buying a house somewhere else and renting it out, or buying land up and just holding it for a while. I’m not really sure I’m ready for the whole landlord shit. I know what my dad went through with that. It can be hellish. Unless you hire a management company, but then your profits take a hit from that. And if I’m only going to have one or two places, then it’s a big thing. Land would be good, but where, and what. I’d have to find land that would go up enough to compenstate for the interest rates and tax charges, etc. Land values nationwide are expected to climb 6% next year, which wouldn’t cover the interest or tax rates.

I did however find a nice 700 acre spot in western Montana at about $500 an acre, and if you know anything about me, you should know that I want to retire to a nice big ranch in Montana. Though, I’m guessing that it’s not the most pristine area. I just think it’d be fun to say that I own 700 acres! haha.

The other option is of course the stock market. But then to choose betwen actual stocks, and mutual/bond funds, etc. Blah, so much to do, and so little money to do it with!

Last night’s family guy and simpsons were very entertaining.

I have only 100 pages left to “The Confusion” Yay!

Tonight’s the Company party. Umm, Yep. I was thinking last night and on the whole 7th floor, I’m the ONLY single boy here now! MH just went to Pakistan and married his wife. So I’m the only single person left. 🙁 And I can only think of one or two people on the 15th that are single. Blah! Blake, why can’t you come?! Get your ass down here. lol

And that’s about it, adios!

2 thoughts on “Number 8”

  1. Investing in your future retirement is not an easy thing to do.

    Montana would be a cool place to retire too. You could always buy some land there and throughout the years save money to build a house and then you could take vacations there.

    Maybe rent it out to someone to look after it in your back in Calfornia.

    Seeing how it nevers snows there you could buy a two seater scooter that goes about 65mph and really save $$$. Just buy a good raincoat, lol.

  2. It’s insanly hard, there’s so many options, and so many things you can do wrong that you’ll just lose all your money! And other things where you won’t make the right invetsment and your money just sits there not earning anything.

    For example, I’d love to invest in Apple, but who knows if the stock is going to continue going up or if it’s suddenly going to go down! But tis life, you have to take risks!

    I just moved about 70% of my cash value into a 4% interest savings account, so at least now it’s not depreciating based on inflation.

    Damn inflation!

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