My ID!!!

Ok, so… Last night was great, after the initial problems!

So I get home at like 1:30 or so, go on my bike ride, come back and hang around talking to Blake for a while online. Then I go and shower and get dressed to go. Get a nice coat and shirt and put them in my car, so that they don’t get too wrinkled on the drive there. Make sure I have my camera, and my cell phone, some cough drops, altoids, and some cash to pay for parking.

Go out to my car and think… “I should get some water for the drive there cause traffic is going to be hellish”. So I go back in and get a bottle of water and then leave.

Traffic was hellish, 45 minutes to get there in stop and go traffic, all the fucking way. Blah! Get there and get out of my car, put on my shirt and grab my jacket. Go up to the window to get the tickets and she says. “I need to see a photo ID”. So I grab for my wallet… GONE!

So then I look in all my other pockets, I NEVER forget my wallet, it goes with me everywhere!

So I think maybe I left it in my car. So I run back to my car.. NOT THERE!.

So I start thinking about it, and I realize i never got it out of my pants that I wore to work. !!! OMG! I can’t believe it, It would have taken me an hour and a half at LEAST to get back home and back there, and south bound traffic was WORSE then the north bound! That means I would have missed cocktail hour AND the first course of dinner! So I txted OG to find out how far away he was to see if maybe he could just vouch for who I was.

However, MH got there first and we tried that, but the bitch wouldn’t buy it. That place is like nazis! So I called Jon, no answer, then I called Jeff, and he says that he can talk to the people at Club 33 and have them call the front desk and they can change it so that MH can have a guest and yeah. So like 40 minutes after I got there I was finially let into the damn park! It was crazyness.

So we get there and the party was lots of fun. GT mentioned that they had it at the Magic Castle 4 years ago, I voted we do it there next year too. lol. They had a magician there this year, but he NEVER came to the table I was at, very annoying! GT also said that he made $1,000 an HOUR! Clearly I’m in the wrong business! lol.

The food was amazing, the desserts were HEAVEN! And the drinks didn’t flow enough. lol. Though I did get pretty buzzed. I left there about 10:30 and got home at 11. Couldn’t get to sleep though and was up till midnight and then woke up again at 4:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep. So I’ve been up since then. Blah!

I was a bit sad that I didn’t have anyone with me though. EVERYONE had a girlfriend or wife or something. The running joke was that MH and I were dates since he had to add me as a guest. lol. I really wish that Blake could have come… Well I wish more that I had an official boyfriend I could have taken!

No one’s in the office yet, did I miss a memo?

Something funny:

Accountant on speaker: Okay, I tried entering my password and it didn’t work.

Tech: I reset it to “password.”

Accountant on speaker: Okay, let me try my password again.

Tech: Make sure you type “password.”

Accountant on speaker: It didn’t work again.

Tech: Iou typed far too many letters for the word “password.” Did you type in “password” as your password?

Accountant on speaker: Yu never told me to do that.

Tech: So what part of my sentance confused you: “Type in the word

‘password’ when it asks you for your password”, or “I reset it for you, your password is now ‘password.'”

Accountant on speaker: I have a CPA, don’t talk to me like that.

Tech: I can make up acronyms too. I’ll be in your office in five

minutes. In the meantime, ponder this one: I’m OMGWTF certified.

3 thoughts on “My ID!!!”

  1. Yeah, and you know how many times I’ve had that SAME conversation too?

    People just don’t GET IT!

    I’ve even changed the password to ‘abc12345’ and people STILL don’t get it. Grrr

    Why are people so stupid?!

  2. People are stupid. The reserve job I do on my days off, we run into stupid people all the time. People really amaze me sometimes.

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