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Old People

So, I went and saw BrokeBack again last night. I think that movie was even more amazing the second time around. Though, I did realize this time that there are some scenes in the trailer that aren’t in the movie! One I raelly feel they should have left in the movie. The one about working together and drinking together. I can’t wait for the DVD to come out and see what else they cut, and to see the cast talk bout the movie, etc. I was also a little annoyed that they didn’t do a very good job of making Ennis look like he aged much. They did a pretty good job with Jack Twist, but Ennis pretty much looked the same throughout the whole movie, except for his side burns got longer and wilder as he got older. But yeah.

Cause like at the end there’s a flashback to 1963, but the first time I totally missed that it was a flashback becuase it was hard to tell that they were like 20 years younger. Eitherway, it’d be nice if _I_ could age as well as they did in the movie! lol.

I was also really bored last night after getting home so I looked up people from my class on Myspace. I found Walzer and Amber. Walzer is still hot, in that “I’m military” hot. lol. Amber is crazy, apparently married and a kid. Random assness.

Blake keeps telling me that I have to buy him flying lessons… And well, as you should all know. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to learn how to fly. I used to be obsessed with Flight Simulator, and I’ve been wanting to buy a model plane for a while. But I’m really affraid of buying the model plane and then crashing the damn thing hard core. lol. I guess it’s something you take a chance on. I’ve heard you can go places and get lessons on model plane flying as well. Maybe I should look into that.

Speaking of Blake… Check it out.


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