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  • XM vs FM

    So, ever since I bought the G35, I’ve had a free subscription to XM radio with Traffic Nav. At first, I didn’t really like it. I liked having my road updates every now and then when listening to the radio and I liked hearing the local news on the hour. But then I started playing […]

  • I’m the Biggest Asshole Ever

    It’s ok. You can tell me.. I’m the biggest asshole ever. I did get the G35… It was just such a great deal. I talked it over with Constantine before hand and gave him plenty of chances to say. “No don’t do it.” And if he had, I wouldn’t have done it. Anyways, I ended […]

  • Car Shopping

    Sooo, everyone knows I’ve been car shopping. I have been doing that for like the last 2-3 years! Well I’ve been at it again. It seems that everyone I know has either already gotten a new car, or is looking at getting one. And they all have WAY newer cars then mine already! So I […]

  • Trevor Hall and Other Stuff

    So Thursday night I headed out of work about 2:30 and headed up to Santa Monica to meet Constantine up at the mall by his office. It took forever to get there, but traffic really wasn’t all that bad. Just a really long drive. So I got there and we shopped around for a little […]

  • Snow Plows of Ames

    Haha.. Go check out Ramsey’s two posts for today: Not Riding Cy and In LIke a Liger? Oh, I want snow! I had made a date with this guy last Thursday for Monday night. I called him yesterday morning to confirm. I get home from work and spend like 45 minutes getting ready and shit. […]