Snow Plows of Ames

Haha.. Go check out Ramsey’s two posts for today:

Not Riding Cy


In LIke a Liger?

Oh, I want snow!

I had made a date with this guy last Thursday for Monday night. I called him yesterday morning to confirm. I get home from work and spend like 45 minutes getting ready and shit. Then as I’m walking out the door he calls to cancel. Stupid fuckers. Probably a good thing anyways, I’m not feeling very good.

I really want an A3 now… But I’m sure that will change 100 times before I actually buy a car! Mine is starting to eat oil like crazy though, so perhaps it’ll be sooner rather then later. I’ll have to admit I’ve been driving it a little harder then normal.

The A3 I want:

– Red w/ black leather

– Convenience Package

– Sport Package w/All Season Tires

– Audi Navigation Plus & Sound Package

– Open Sky System

– Rear Side Airbags

Comes out to $32,235, but has it listed at just over $30k. And I found a used one in Oakland for just over $28k with all the options, and it only has like 2k miles.. Question is why are they selling it?

Two Iowa people called me out of the blue yesterday asking if I was back in town or when I was coming… Someone is spreading word that I want to come back. And yes, I know those two people did _NOT_ read about it here.

2 thoughts on “Snow Plows of Ames”

  1. Yeah, it’s a really nice car.. But being a hatchback / mini-wagon thing, I dunno how I feel about that.

    Plus, it’s so expensive, and the gas is going to be a lot.. I dunno. Maybe a Mazda3 would just be the right cost and everything. Who knows.

    Again, I’ll probably change my mind 100 times before I actually buy the car.

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