Second Plugin! (Auto_Link)

Yay! I just finished my second plugin for WordPress! 😀

This plugin takes a set of delimiters which are user specified and will do a google lookup and replace them with links.

IE: You’ve probably all noticed that I’ve been linking to the site whenever I talk about a movie, etc. Well up till now I’ve been doing a manual lookup on all those things.

Well now.. All I have to do is [movie]She’s The Man[/movie].. And it will replace it with: She’s the man.

And since these are user definable, you can add more then that to it if you want, IE. I’ve added “Wiki” to mine, so I can do: [wiki]Newport Beach[/wiki] and it will do: Newport Beach

Fun, no?

You can download Auto_Link here.

One thought on “Second Plugin! (Auto_Link)”

  1. It seems your plug-in does not work for comments. If you add the following hook it does: add_filter(‘comment_save_pre’,’autolink_content’);

    Have you abandoned this plug-in? The /wordpress/ directory on your site no longer works.

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