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Dayish Off

So yesterday I basically took the day off, even though I ended up working for a full 8 hours. Slept in a little late and laid in bed working on some stuff, which was nice. Got up and went to the doctors and then went over to the Audi dealer to test drive the A3. They had the exact car I wanted only in grey. So I drove that. It was SO NICE. The only thing I hated was that the C-pillar was a little too big and created a nice big blind spot on the driver side, but I think the mirrors were more then able to make up for that issue.

The other thing was that the back seat on the OpenSky system has less headroom then on the regular one. So I hit my head, but it wasn’t too bad. There was plenty of room in the back though and tons of room for gear.

After that I was going to go to the beach but no one wanted too. So I just rode my bike to this special little place I have and laid out sun bathing for like an hour and a half. Read and listened to music and just relaxed. It was really nice. Going to try and get out there again today. My face is a little red though.

Came home and did some more work. Had a really funny convo with MH. I broke this script on Monday when I updated something and I kept trying to blame him. It was hilarios. At least for me.

I’ve been getting some really good feed back from my latest plugin which also makes me happy. And this time so far no enhancement requests. So that’s even better! Someone did ask if I could modify it to work with the AmazonAPI, but it will already do that really. Just using the GoogleAPI. I was thinking though that maybe I will just go and modify it to use the AmazonAPI natively. It would be fun.

I’m trying to get a few people together to do a day hike this weekend. On Saturday or something. So far Robert, Than, Mike and Joel are all interested, but no one has actually commited to it… I meant to ask Jon about it last night, but forgot. I have no idea where to go. I’m trying to get in touch with Mike to figure something out since he says he knows good places around here.

Anyways, after working and lounging I went out with Jon, Joel and this other guy, Perry or Peter or something. Damn my horrible memory! I’m pretty sure it’s Perry. He works in the building right next to mine. Either way, I had a ton of fun, we all went to H Marys and just talked. It was nice being around people who had things besides thier school to talk about. It looks like we’re all going to the Boom for the wet underwear contest on Friday.

Off to learn ETL. Adios!

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