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Scary Calls

So… I was sitting in my office minding my own business today.. When all of a sudden I get this phone call from an unknown 515 number. So I quick like googled it and found that it was coming from my bank. So I answered it.

Long story short, apparently Visa notified them of suspicious activity on my credit card and they are cancelling it and sending me a new one effective today. Umm, HELLO? How am I supposed to get money then? I won’t have my new card for a week they said. How annoying. Thankfully I have other bank accounts I can draw from, but this is my spending account.

And WTF? I still have my card, and I haven’t seen anything wierd on my statements lately and I check them daily. They wouldn’t really give any specifics either. Very strange. I wonder how many other people Principal called?

Anyways, then on my way home from work I got a call from this company in Lawrence, KS with an Systems Integration Specialist position, it sounded pretty cool. You travel the US for 3 weeks a month and then get a week off. She decided to just do the first interview right there, I think I mighta blew it cause I so wasn’t prepared. But whatever. We’ll see what happens.

I’m thinking of going to a subscriber’s only format for my blog.. Sadly all the plugins I’ve found of that require Database changes, and I like to keep a virgin DB, after the hell I went through upgrading from b2 to wp with my fucked up DB. So I might have to write my own plugin for that.

Have I been a bit too geeky here lately?


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Geeky, nah. Traveling on that job might get kind of old and if you find someone to spend time with. You will not have anytime to spend time with them.

I think the traveling would be pretty cool for a while… It’s not like I’d do it forever.

But you’re right, if I _DID_ find someone good it would be hard to spend time with them. It’ll take lots of thinking if I get an offer. But I’ve still gotta get through the second interview.

Hasn’t been too geeky at all. Mayhaps a tad to nerdy for my taste but it be your place, do what you wish.

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