I’m the Biggest Asshole Ever

It’s ok. You can tell me.. I’m the biggest asshole ever.

I did get the G35… It was just such a great deal. I talked it over with Constantine before hand and gave him plenty of chances to say. “No don’t do it.” And if he had, I wouldn’t have done it.

Anyways, I ended up getting one from a different dealer. Which I’m glad I did look around because I found an even better deal then the one I talked about.

So the one I got is…
2007 Infiniti G35 Sedan
2,281 Miles
U01 – Navigation Pkg
– DVD-Based Voice Activated Navigation System w/Touch Screen and 9Gig Hard drive
– Plus XM Radio Feature.
P01 – Premium Pkg
– All Models Include Dual-Zone Automatic Air Conditioning
– Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity
– Garage Door Opener
– Driver’s Seat & Steering Wheel Memory
– Inside Automatic Day/Night Mirror
– Power Glass Moon Roof
– Bose Radio System.
– Power Tilt & Telescoping Steering Wheel.
– Heated O/S Mirrors w/Memory
– “Studio on Wheels” Radio System
– Power Driver’s Lumbar Seat Adjuster
– Heated Front Seats.
F01 – Technology Pkg
– Includes Brake Assist
– Adaptive Front Lighting System
– Reverse Backup Monitor
– Intelligent Speed Control.

It’s technically used, as it was a demo car at the Infiniti Headquarters here in SoCal, but it’s never been registered or anything, so get the full warranty and I got a GREAT deal on it!

I am having a little bit of buyers remorse and freaking out about the money, especially the gas money!! I kinda wish I had just gone with the Lexus IS250 which would have cost me a little bit more so that then I wouldn’t have this horrible feeling of taking Constantine’s car and I could probably enjoy it a little more.

I was sitting at the dealer and called him and talked for like 10 minutes making sure it was 100% ok with him. He did say that it’d be kinda cute, which I suppose it is. But I’m just getting Soooo much shit from everyone else. Which I suppose is well deserved.

The Adaptive front lighting system is really cool, when you go around corners it turns the headlights so you can see what’s there. But the Intelligent Speed control is a million times better.

This morning on my way into the office I got on the freeway and set it at 75, and then didn’t do anything the rest of the ride except for steer. Some guy at one point cut infront of me and then slowed down. My car, began braking and slowed down as well! It was fucking cooool! I had my foot ready and posed incase it didn’t do anything, but it did. Then as soon as that guy got out of the way, it was back up to 75. When we caught up to the cars in front of us, it slowed down again! Sooo neat!

The navigation on the other hand is dumber then bricks. I put in my destination this morning and instead of routing me directly to the freeway, it told me to take PCH all the way to long beach and then get on the 22 to the 405. Had I followed it, it would have taken me about 1.5 hours to get to work, instead of the 45 minutes it normally takes! I checked it to make sure it was set to use freeways and it was. So I’m not sure what’s up with that.

I’m also wishing that there would have been an option for a smaller engine. 306 HP is just too much, it would have been just fine with 200ish HP or so and would get much better gas milage.

List of reviews and awards

Anyways. Here’s a few media release pics:

5 thoughts on “I’m the Biggest Asshole Ever”

  1. Who cares about what people think? Don’t listen to the haters, that is a great car and congratulations on getting it. Tell the people to get over it. Plus, who’s going to be driving it 98% of the time, and who’s going to be in your car 99% of the time?

    …thought so.

    Congratz again buddy.

  2. Haha, Thanks. I know I shouldn’t but when they are so vocal about it, it’s hard to ignore!

    At least the boyfriend is being supportive. And my family is all saying. “It’s about fucking time.”

    It is a really great car, if I didn’t think so I wouldn’t have even thought about it, but after seeing Constantine’s and how amazing it was… But I think I’ll regret it a little bit each time I have to go get gas.. You think JT will let me work from home more often now? haha.

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