More About Car Buying

//begin ranting….

GOD! I’m so fucking Indecisive about this SHIT!

Like I said, I’ve been wanting a new car for years! I keep looking and looking. I bargain them down to great prices. But I just _CAN’T_ actually buy anything!

This has to be the MUST FRUSTRATING thing in my life! All over a fucking car!

I just always feel that no matter what, I’m getting ripped off in some way.

Cars are just money pits, no matter how you look at it. They go down in value, they cost soooo much to keep moving in gas and maint and registration and insurance and who knows what else might happen to them! I may as well just throw my money in a black hole!

Jason brought up the excellent point the other day that. “What if you were still in Iowa, what would you do”.. I’d probably have bought a USED Ford or something by now. But my mind is being tainted by the California consumer culture that I’ve fallen victim to.

I keep trying to fight it off. But it’s a losing battle. The only reason I want an entry level luxury car is because EVERYONE else has one. It’s the whole Keeping up with the Joneses shit!

But I’m not going to be able to get over it and move on till I have a new car myself, I’m so sick of everyone making fun of me because my car is such a POS! I make a GREAT living. I’ve saved TONS more money then anyone else in my age range, I could EASILY pay cash for this car and STILL have enough left over for the down payment on the house my dad and I are trying to buy….. Why can’t I just treat myself to this!

AHHH!! And to top it all off, Constantine is just an amazing boyfriend and is supporting any choice I make he says. Which doesn’t make the decision any easier, because if I simply go with the best/most car for the price, that’d be the one that I would hate myself for buying.

Ahhhhahahhahhahhahhahhhhahhhaaaaaaaahhh. I’m gonna go crazy over this!

Why is this one of the hardest things for me to make a decision about. Usually I’m so fucking opinionated that it gets me in trouble, but when it comes to buying my own car, I can’t make a decision if I had a gun to my fucking head.

//end ranting.

2 thoughts on “More About Car Buying”

  1. My brother has a prius and loves it — I highly recommend. My only question is about hybrids in rush hour traffic… They tend to drive different than a “regular” car…Anyways, DO NOT go all out on a fancy fucking car. You are much better than that. Get something middle of the road!And last of all, do not listen to a word I have said. Its only my opinion. Start biking to work.:-)Will you be back in Iowa for any holiday festivities?

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