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  • Gays and Financial Planning

    So, this past weekend my mom bought a new iMac for the family computer… GO HER! But, she’s not telling my dad about it till the credit card bill comes. This was brought up between Constantine and I while we were driving somewhere this weekend. I mean, does that really seem like the right way […]

  • I Just Saw Myself on SUZE ORMAN!

    Ok. I finally JUST got to see myself on the Suze Orman SHOW! Yay! First off, oh god. I sound horrible!! Is that what I really sound like?!!? Secondly. They did a lot of changes since from what I heard. When I was on the phone with her, she just said the whole “That’s really […]

  • Ohh. The days of AOL..

    Oh, how I remember the days of AOL chat rooms: How’s everyone like the new Theme? Still some work to do on it. I’m thinking of adding another layer/color to under each post. The clock is coming along amazingly! I have the hour sections done now. One of the three boards is completely done, the […]

  • Don’t Wanna Be Back

    Ugh, I so don’t wanna be back at work today. I took yesterday off basically. I worked some here and there, but mostly didn’t. I sat on the beach for 2 hours and have a sun burn now. I went to the gym. I’m such a weakling now. I used to bench 130, now I […]

  • Randomness.

    Chick #1: Who’s that actress who plays Blanche Devereaux? Chick #2: Rue McClanahan! Chick #1: Okay, you can say it. You’re not drunk enough yet. I admit I can’t let things go… I still hold little bits of my heart for Adam and Andrew, etc. I still get mad about thinking about things Andrew did […]