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Chick #1: Who’s that actress who plays Blanche Devereaux?

Chick #2: Rue McClanahan!

Chick #1: Okay, you can say it. You’re not drunk enough yet.

I admit I can’t let things go… I still hold little bits of my heart for Adam and Andrew, etc. I still get mad about thinking about things Andrew did to hurt me forever ago. I still wonder what would happen if Justin and I had gone further, or if Jed and I had been honest with each other those many years ago at Camp, or what if I had made out with Ben Shep that night in my car? I need to work on just getting over things and moving on.

Speaking of Andrew, I think he got a new screen name.. And even though I haven’t talked to him in months.. It annoys me that I don’t have his new one.

I spent half an hour last night trying to find a song that was stuck in my head.. I had the music, and the video stuck, but I couldn’t think of the damn Band or the song name or the lyrics! It was so annoying.. It ended up being “The World I Know” by Collective Soul.

Yesterday was an even busier day for e-mail, 445. God, why is this such a mess.

I’ve got an office lined up now. Now to talk to the boss and make a final decision about going back. My mother said to just wait till Easter and take it as a vacation. I dunno if I can wait it out that long. But now things aren’t seeming as bad as they were, so I’m not sure if I want to go to the expense of doing it.

I’m such a nerd, I have 38 playlists in iTunes.

OG posted a great blog yesterday.. Go read it.

It looks like Germany isn’t going to happen.. The cous can’t get funds.. Anyone else want to go with me?

It’s been so long since you’ve gone away

And I know things will never be the same

I break it all down so it will show to me clear

But all the while I’m wishing you were here

In my dreams I can see and feel your face

But next to me sits an empty space

Sometimes this life doesn’t make any sense to me

I need some time to heal and some space to breathe

I’m breathing you in and I’m breathing you out

As I lay on the floor and I wonder why

I thank God for you and the memories

But I still wish you were here with me

I’m breathing you in and I’m breathing you out

Gone away and I pray for the strength to

Strength to carry on

As I am breathing you in and I’m breathing you out

I still feel you though you’re gone

I’m breathing you in and I’m breathing you out

Breathe – Seven Channels

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Tickets even as far out as Sept are running about $1,000 right now.. So I’d guess about $2,000 total? Which is probably on the high end depending on how much traveling there would be done.

Of course I’d be staying in a hostel, so that’ll be cheapish. And I’m cheap with food too.. lol

you know what your problem is? You get attatched to many guys whose names begin with the letter A. Andrew, Adam, Austin. Give the other letters a chance!

Don’t think that hasn’t crossed my mind!

Trust me, the guys I get attached to are all A’s and the guy’s I just wanna do it with are all J’s! haha.

I do need to expand into the other letters.

N seems to be opposite of A. So instead of getting jerked around by a bunch of As you’ll get lots o lovin from the Ns.

Get it?

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