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Long Night

Wow that was one long ass night.

Lets see… Yesterday at work was ok… Nothing exciting as per usual. I’ve been working on this project, and someone else completed it before me.. It’s like, why were we both working on this? I meah of COURSE he was going to finish it before me beacuse he’s oracle trained, and I’m just guessing and leaning this shit as I go.

I feel like I’m not doing a very good job right now.

Whatever.. So I came home and hung out. Robert came over and picked me up at 6 and we went to the theaters and met Patrick there. We saw She’s the Man. And for being a total chick flick, it was really very funny and of course the hot boys did help! They had an amazing redo of the Mary Tyler Moore Theme song, “Love is all around”. I’ve been trying to buy it all morning on iTunes, but it keeps telling me the song has moved! Gah!

After that we went down to Laguna Beach and ate dinner at the Koffee Klatch… About 11 we headed over to the Boom and met up with two other people, who I can’t really remember their names right now. But we all had a really good time I had two long island ice teas and a jack and coke and a huge jack and coke at the Klatch.. So I was pretty wasted. And for some reason I was really in the mood to start a bar fight. If only a certian someone had shown up with. haha.

I also tipped the dancer and got a nice dance from him. The place was pretty dead. but there was this REALLY cute boy in a green shirt, sadly come to find out he had a boyfriend. 🙁 And the boy who was all over me last week was there too, and I kept trying to get his attention, but he was ignoring me this time… I shoulda just made a move.

Tonight I’m supposed to be going out with this guy. But I’m not sure I really want too. I’m getting so socially drained, and last time we hung out he tried making moves on me, and I’m really not in a mood to deal with that right now.

Ugh, and that’s life.

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