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  • It’s HOT!

    It’s F’ing HOT out today! I just got back from a 12.5 mile bike ride around the backbay. Quick ride around back bay Anyways, it was bloody HOT! I was sweating like crazy and my muscles are starting to scream at me and say…”STOP WORKING OUT!” lol. I’ve been biking like crazy lately and working […]

  • Unmotivational!

    I’ve been very unmotivated lately to really do anything. I’ve had a string of bad/annoying clients lately with the whole freelance thing, so that’s put me off. I seriously cannot believe how stupid some of these people are. IE: one guy was bitching because i sent him a link to his site that didn’t have […]

  • I’m so Lucky

    To be able to work with such smart people at my office. Everyone there really seems to know their shit, no bullshit, etc. After seeing these people in this training class and hearing the kinds of questions they have, it’s amazing that they are able to keep the jobs they have. We were talking about […]

  • Training

    Ugh! Yesterday was a really bad day for me… First the accident. Then I get to training and he comes in and basically starts with a pop-quiz… Picks me first and starts asking all these questions about databases and shit. Stuff I would have known back in college. Stuff that I know the concepts to, […]

  • Oracle and Old computers

    The other day I started trying to install Oracle on my home computer… I didn’t quite realize how old those suckers were. Neither of my two servers have enough RAM to run Oracle server. How sad is that! I have both an AMD 64 3200+ with 512 Megs of RAM and a Pentium 4 1.6ghz […]