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  • Gay Bois in the OC

    I wish gay boys in the OC were more gay. I wish they would be out, and about. I wish they would go out and hugg and kiss in public. I wish they would put stickers on thier cars. I wish they would hold hands, and be who they are… Instead they all hide and […]


    YAY! While I was writing that bitchy entry it fucking WORKED! The build actually BUILT! How amazing. I figured it out that even though I’m on a 64 bit system, PHP wasn’t smart enough to notice that, so I had to tell it to build against the 32 bit oracle libs, instead of the default […]

  • Fuck you LD!

    Fucking LD! This was supposed to take me an hour to recompile php with oracle support built in… But no, it’s now taken me over 10 hours to do. Fuck this shit! I just have to do this, and then get it to work right. I’m begining to think that just sticking with MySQL would […]

  • A Little Update

    I’m just taking a quick little break here from programming my PHP thing of MIS 433. Very interesting stuff there. Good times. The last couple days have been VERY long. Though today’s going by very fast. Which is really nice. Yesterday was class as usual. The group had some problems on Tuesday night removing a […]

  • TeSt!

    So they should start a new reality series, staring me, and my FOUR tests in TWO days! Three on Monday, one Tuesday morning. Rarr. I don’t know how well I’ll do on them, today my Mkt prof went over sample questions that are going to be on that test, they all seemed pretty easy. Hopefully […]