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So they should start a new reality series, staring me, and my FOUR tests in TWO days! Three on Monday, one Tuesday morning. Rarr.

I don’t know how well I’ll do on them, today my Mkt prof went over sample questions that are going to be on that test, they all seemed pretty easy. Hopefully they will be, cause that’s the one I’m going to study less for. I also have tests in FIN, MIS, and POM.

Other then all the tests classes have been going fairly well. We had our first milestone due in MIS, we got that back and missed 6 points, he’s giving them all back because the directions were clearly not clear! He took off points because we didn’t include a mission statement, and then instructions said NOTHING of a mission statement, and the other thing that he took points off for we had, but he claimed we didn’t because it was on the same page as another thing. Why the HELL would you take off points for that. The direction didn’t say ANTYHING of specifically needing a page break between the two things. He’s sucha dumbshit.

On top of that, he goes through all the slides SO fast. If Julian thinks that his prof goes through them fast try this guy! Grrrr. He annoys me so. I have yet to actually LEARN anything during a class. If he didn’t take attendance every day, I just might skip it.

POM is going well, I understand everything. Yay for slack time, etc.

FIN is confusing and the prof has the REALLY annoying neck thing which makes it hard to focus on the material. Plus there’s a hot boi close by. lol

Life in general has been good. Lots of studying and thinking about what I’m going to do this summer. I’ve dug out my nordictrack again, and have started using that. Tonight I did 10+ miles an hour for 5 minutes and then 6-7 miles an hour for 10 more minutes. This summer I think I’ll ride my bike alot and walk to loose the weight that I have gained as of recently, so depressing. And then next semester I’ll lift to put on muscle. Good times. But we all know how well I stick to plans, so I’m sure that’ll change.

I need to go see a doctor though before I start anything to rigorus. Adam’s been complaining about my breathing pattern and I’ve noticed it alot too. And then tonight when I was doing the nordictrack it got really bad. Must go get more drugs to fix that. Considering the ones that I have expired in like 1998 or something. lol.


Today was nazanin’s b-day, and she got a book on Bonsai, and she brought in these REALLy good cakes, she made them last year too. Oh so good. I love cake….. MUST STOP EATING FAT! I’m going on a rice diet.

I ordered a new graphics card, it should be here Friday. I can’t wait to get it cause then I can play Sim City 4 all the time! No one will EVERy see me! HA!

Speaking of no one ever seeing me. Tomorrow I’m going to be on campus practically all day. I have classes from 11-4 and then I’m going to stay on campus and work on Oracle stuff. I have to know it for my test on Monday in MIS. And then perhaps work on some FIN and POM shit. I have no idea what time I’ll get home. I did some of the POM stuff tonight, slack time!!!, but there’s more that needs to be done.

It’s good to know that our government if funneling money into such violent games to recruit for our army. Go us (or should that me “US”)!

I’m thinking of switching distros again, Redhat just doesn’t recognise my TV Tuner card like it should, and it won’t allow me to get auto-updates without paying for it. Bastards and theier wanting of money. I’m thinking of going back to SuSE, mostly because I tried installing Mandrake 9.0 and it froze EVERY time at different spots. So I gave up on them. I really wanted to give it another shot though. perhaps once ADAM gets me my computer back. lol

Anyways, I got MythTV working, but without my Tuner card working it’s of no use to me. Which is sad cause it’s all pretty and shit. I also have Mplayer working, which is good cause I can now watch my PRON on my Linux box without having to worry about codecs. However one thing I don’t like about mplayer is that when you go to full screen it just fills in the screen around the video with black, it doesn’t actually expand the video to full screen like WMP does. 🙁

Go me!

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I’m at your house now and it’s confusing to type on this computer. it feels really weird. and i cant spell. someone finally left you a message, happy you mean demanding bitch!!!!!!! I HATE THIS KEYBOARD

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